“A different language is a different vision of life.” — Federico Fellini


[Ok, so, actually I can’t think of any other opening sentence, so I googled a quote. HEHE. At least it looks pretty convincing rite.]

Soooo, I’ve been learning Swedish since I arrived here… basically it’s a quick and intensive lectures. Oh wait, by ‘quick’ I mean a short period of term (which is… a week), but the lecture itself is 2-3 hours long.
Yeaaa even in my first week here, I’m attending lectures. decadd7edb6b1014ca0cb7a1afcb8ea3

I personally think it’s really fun to learn Swedish.. hey, it’s a new thing! And in fact, I always love to learn foreign languages—Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean…… but none of them manage to reach level fluent tho, hahaha. Ok this is kinda sad.

So yeah, since I only know Hej because it’s written on IKEA’s wall, I was really excited to learn more Swedish words. In fact, I’m gonna stay in Sweden for the next 5 months tho, so it would be really useful…. right.
Who am I kidding… Learning Swedish is soooo hard [insert sad emojis here]. Like, the way the words are written and spelled are different. For instance,

Hon kommer från Kina [hun kommer fron Shina]She’s from China
Vad gör du i Sverige [va yo du i svarieh]: What do you do in Sweden?
Det var länge sedan [de va lingye sen]: It was a long time 

Overall I can say that learning Swedish got me like:   tumblr_nbowliNqxF1rlcytwo1_400

Oh, by the way, I won’t keep this long. Let’s just see how good my Svenska is (HAHAH OH REALLY), in the video below:
[ps: I recorded it during the lecture because why not… I was sooo sleepy+hungry and it was the last lecture, from 5-8pm—don’t blame me.]

*kemudian hening*
Please don’t judge me (especially my Swedish friends—guysss I’m just a beginner17474d3a52fd7efdada7b5896b5c5906).

It’s obvious that I won’t master this language in a week; maybe even a month or a year… Nevertheless, it’s always fun and exciting to find and learn something new—I’m being sincere, really.
And even if I kept complaining about why-it’s-so-difficult and asking can-I-just-go-home during lectures, I’m glad that I got the chance to know a little Swedish.
Yeaaa let’s keep this positivity for my Swedish exam tomorrow. #haventstudiedatall 


After all, ett språk är aldrig nog 🙂
[One language is never enough]


hejdå, vi ses!


Lund, 22/01/2016.