Makan Malam Hari Ini #IndoProud

There’s this moment when you’re really glad that you met someone—like, you once questioned yourself: what if I didn’t meet this person?
Yea, that kind of feels; I’m sure you have a name in mind right now. 7171b1759fed27bd0c8092801d06ee8a HEHE.

I do get some people whom I’m thankful for, but recently there’s this one person whose name I added to the list.
(ain’t talkin bout a guy here because….. yea my prince charming is still on the way from the future so yeah.)

Ok, sooo let me introduce you to…. Margaret Samahita!
This young lady is a PhD student in Lund University and we met in the church around two weeks ago. She spent her teenage years in SG, SYD, and NYC.
But most importantly, she is an Indonesian. I repeat, an Indonesian. #OrangIndo guyssss omgggg *happy tears*

Anywayyyy this Friday night I came to Ci Margaret’s house, and so there are 3 things I’m thankful for:

1. I finally speak Bahasa Indonesia herefinally, after 2 weeks since the first day I arrived.
(Really, not even a single word—I talk with my parents via whatsapp because I hate Skype-ing—and that’s why I kinda miss talking in Bahasa.)
I thought I’ll never find #OrangIndo in this small city in Sweden—most people will go to Stockholm btw. That’s why, every time people ask me: “Are your Indo friends going to Lund too?” or “Have you met any Indo there?”, I answer NO to both.

But yeaaa life can’t be that bad *wink*. It’s been 2 weeks since I only talked in English and Svenska (HAHA OK SHEREN OK), and I finally found someone whom I can talk for hours about anything… in Bahasa Indo.

“Gila parah di luar angin kayak tornado ci!”
“Iya ci aku hampir 21 tapi masih single hahahaha”
“Duh laper”
“Omg aku kangen ayam goreng sama kangkung parah!” 😦

(Un)Surprisingly, it felt so nice to talk in my mother language because… well, it’s just that I can fully express myself. And that I always menjunjung bahasa persatuan, Bahasa Indonesia. #AZEK #SumpahPemudaBanget #CintaTanahAir #OkeCukup
(ps: you may need to google-translate them sentences—won’t be 100% accurate tho)

2. Our dinner tonight was… *dung dung dung dung dung* Nasi Goreng Telor, Ayam Goreng Tepung Mentega, dan Sambal Terasi!
(fried rice with egg and fried chicken with butter, plus the super-spicy chilli sauce.)
Ci Margaret was the one who got the Secret Ingredient. And yea, you’re right… She prepared almost everything (but hey, I did help her… a little. But still.)

My role tonight was to capture the moments. HEHE.


3. Sambel Terasi. Seriously, nothing can separate me from this numero-uno type of chilli. Actually it serves best when it’s fresh handmade, but… ok, how am i gonna make it fresh here? Like, I’m not gonna ulek-ulek sambel… right.
That’s whyyy I bring a pack of sachets of this sambal! Oh, and Sambal Belibis as well. In conclusion, these things have saved my appetite for these 2 weeks, ehehehe.

(These are my Secret Ingredients. Bonus: a close-up look of my food. Sorry can’t help it.)


By the way, let me tell you Ci Margaret’s Secret Ingredient.

The secret ingredient of Ci Margaret’s Secret Ingredient is… nothing.
For something to be special, you just have to be special –Kung Fu Panda. #AllTimeFave (I’ve watched it 15 times so far… most of the lines are in my long-term memory, lol).

Ok I’m joking.
No, the fact that I’ve watch Po for 15 times is true—I mean, Ci Margaret’s recipe… she has it, really, but I didn’t take a pic of it. So, you guys can just ask if you wanna know;)

At last, I wanna thank Ci Margaret for today; for hosting me, feeding me, and listening to all my lame stories, lol. But seriously tho, I really think that she’s like a big sister—who can calmly respond to my stories, is also a daughter in Christ whose stories are inspirations to me, and loves to bake a lot… HEHEHE.

Let’s have a baking session together soon, ci! *wink* 4a46b55dg7346791dfa19_69020110725-22047-1bpvuj8
Anyway, have a good weekend, people!

Salam hangat,                                   <-serasa lagi nulis surat di pelajaran B.Indo lol


Lund, 29/01/16.

ps: #OrangIndo means Indonesian (Indo) people (Orang).