The Craziest Thing I’ve Ever Done This Winter.

I once was told, “You, I really need you to step out of your comfort zone. You know, I appreciate people who are brave enough to do that.”
At that time I thought, dude you have no idea how many times I left my comfort zone.
But as much as it annoys me—in fact, this person doesn’t even know me—I realize that nothing’s wrong with his sentence. After all, it is outside our comfort zone where we’ll find our strengths and/or weaknesses, that it helps us to grow.

((Alright, I have said comfort zone thrice))
But I’m not gonna write a lecture here; it’s just that this weekend, I finally stepped out of my comf—ok, my (safe) territory. By territory, I mean my not-so-warm bedroom.
So here’s the thing: it’s been really windy and cold these days, and I decided to go for an open-air bath in Malmö.

Yeaaa man. 

Ok first lemme get this straight. I know the word ‘comfort zone’ can have a deeper context, but here, I’d refer it to my bedroom.
(Again, it’s not that warm, but it’s even worse outside because of the cold wind. *sigh*)
And as it’s really windy out there, it’s so easy for me just to stay inside and have a k-drama marathon while eating Pringles. #BestFeelingEverrrr

But anyway, I was really determined to do something this weekend, so the agenda was to join a sauna together with my international mentor group. The place is called Ribersborgs Kallbadhus, and is located in the middle of nowhere the sea. 

By the way, meet Hye Sun, 내 친구 from Korea.


With 65kr (USD 7.5) you will have the chance to experience the sauna. And basically what people do next is, to jump into the cold sea. Like, when you’re still feeling the heat from the sauna, you throw yourself into the sea—well, actually, you can either swim or just have a quick dip.
Knowing how this thing goes, I thought, okay so I will just stay at the sauna room. I mean—dip into the sea, in this weather, seriously? Even with my clothes on, I can’t say oh i’m fine, it’s warm enough. #DeritaManusiaTropis

So yeah, Hye Sun and I made it to the sauna. You can call us old-fashioned or whatevs, but we were the only ones who felt so awkward being there that we tried to cover ourselves with towels all the time (I’m pretty sure of this).
To be honest, this is my first time sauna-ing and I’m really not used to it. I know that this is normal for most people, especially here in Sweden… but I can’t help it. Like, some people can just walk around wearing nothing, omg 나 어떡해 ㅠㅠ.
Sometimes I even think what the heck should I do with my eyes since they’ve seen so much nakedness… then I decided to stare at the floors. HAHA.
(If you happen to go for a sauna in Sweden–or anywhere else, consider this!)

Oh, and the sauna room is for girls only. Don’t think too far, you guys.

The sauna room is so hot (obviously Sheren, duh.) and it has a big window with a sea view. So actually nothing much to do while you’re sauna-ing; either you talk with people or stare at the window thinking about life.
After around 20mins Hye Sun and I couldn’t stand the heat anymore, so we decided to go outside. Yep, outside.
It was around 3ºC and super windy, and we were feeling it—literally. Thank God we could still feel the sun as well.

And no, that’s not the main part.
I actually made it—I leapt into the sea while still steaming from the sauna. So for those of you who thought that I’ll just stay inside, HA. cz49

It was crazily, extremely, bone-numbingly cold. I swear, it felt so cold till I couldn’t feel anything at all. Even to walk to the end of the bridge, I thought it’s so cold i’m gonna die. But actually, it’s that moment when I leapt, I felt like I’m dying.

Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset
Look at the way I pose as if I don’t feel cold at all.

Okay, so you guys might say, “Dude I know you’re just posing, you don’t even touch the water!”

…. so here I gave you some more evidences.

#nowplaying let it go, let it go, the cold never bothered me anywayyyyy
Yea actually after several times I had sauna-sea-sauna-sea, I felt like I’m used to this.



Hahahaha who am I kidding?! Of course it’s so freaking cold! 1443261231-o
Like, I couldn’t even pose with my face lifted up because… well I’m too busy telling myself that’s ok Sheren it’s just for 10 seconds. But really, this was like even colder than some people’s hearts (including mine). #EITS #OkayStopIt

So yeah, we both were having a hard time to take the photos. When I took Hye Sun’s photo, I swear it was like forever. I couldn’t feel my hand and I forced my eyes to open but the wind was crazy. Soooo I’d like to thank Hye Sun for capturing me while suffering from cold; 너무 너무 고마워 ❤
It was really nice to have her there with me. We talked a lot about everything (korean food, k-pop, and potential 남자 친구 for me, HAHAHA). And… because of her I was not the only one who awkwardly sat in the sauna room.17474d3a52fd7efdada7b5896b5c5906


Even when I’m writing this post, I still can’t believe that I did feel the cold sea. And that I was covered only by the towels and shorts. Andddd the fact that it’s winter now. Omg, the feels.
Perhaps some of you have experienced this before, but for those who haven’t… this one is definitely a must-try! Don’t forget about the culture-shock you might face, tho. Maybe not, unless you’re so traditional like me, ehehe. (Traditional. Is that even the right word… Lol but you got the point right)

After all, there are so many things to discover out there. And we will never know if we never try.
Have a good week ahead, guys! And hello, February… you’re here already.

cheers to many more cold days,


Princess Arendelle.
(I just laughed at my own joke. Ok.)

Lund, o1/02/2016