Confessions of a (Beginner) Skier

This is a story about another first-time in my life.

This weekend, me and my #Hongkibuddies decided to go skiing.
At first, I was like 60% excited and 40% worried—what if I ski and fall and rolling around in the snow and I become a snowman? ….okay.
And so, a day before I went to the ski resort… I decided to google Ski Tips for Beginner. HAHAH I was that scared, actually.
Basically it all says: Don’t be afraid to fall, falling down is ok but getting up is harder, don’t wear jeans, blablabla, don’t practice with your partner (well I don’t have one tho), wear waterproof jacket and gloves, blablabla.

And after reading some articles, the one thing that I know for sure is… I’m gonna fall.
But it won’t be that bad…

So. We went to Isaberg, a famous ski resort (somewhere) in Sweden. We arrived here, at the main entrance, after around 3 hrs journey (by train) from Lund.

As written on the board, Isaberg is just 308m away. So we were like, alright that’s not gonna be so far, let’s walk.
But then…… we ended up warming ourselves up before skiing; we hiked. For real.

But oh well, the view is really nice so… Nevermind.

Honestly, this road to Isaberg reminds me of Twilight a lot, especially them pine trees. I keep imagining Ed Cullen, flying from one tree to another. And then there’s this hot werewolf, Jacob, somewhere around the pine forest. And yeah, I’m Bella Swan, ofkors. HAHAHA.
Edward: “Hold on tight, spidermonkey. Do you trust me?” OMG. So cheesyyyyyy (but I bought that line back then, lol). Okay but I’m serious, this road is so quiet and perfect for that scene. What a good warm up before skiing, huh.

So, long story short, we finally arrived at the ski resort and the adventure began.
To sum up, here are 5 things I’d like to talk about—as a first-timer: 

That awkward moment with ski attire and stuff.
Basically, I wore my turtle neck, coat, and leggings for skiing. I look super amateur without waterproof jacket and snow pants… but anyway. This resort doesn’t have the outfit to rent, but they get the ski equipment, boots, and helmet.
As a beginner, it’s really hard to wear these things. I need to figure out how to lock the boots with the ski. And how to do it on the snow without sliding.
And I really didn’t think that even the skis and poles, they’re based on your height.
Confession #1: Ok, to me it’s kinda sensitive. Like, they have shelves for people who are 120-130cm, 140-150cm, and so on. WHY. Just, why.
So, I got a small red boots, a red helmet, a suitable skis, and a pair of green poles. Then I realized, why don’t I change my poles with red ones? I actually love green, but I just wanna have my whole attributes harmonized—they’d look great, at least. Even if I fall. So I asked the guy in charge,

     “Hey, can I change these with the red ones?” *showing the poles*
     “I don’t know, I just wonder.” (like, y u wanna kno so much bro)
     “But these things are based on your heights. It’s not just about the colour.”

Ok. Thanks a lot.

I’m tired of falling down… and struggling to get up.
If you’re also a beginner, seriously, falling down is like the first thing that will happen. And that’s why they said “don’t be afraid to fall”, because yea you can’t avoid it.
Confession #2: I fell down as soon as I finish locking my boots to the skis. HAHAHA. Like, literally, I was sliding without any preparation. And I was so embarrassed.
I really wish I could control my pose—at least I fell down elegantly like: tuzki-bunny-emoticon-006
The thing is, it’s so damn hard to get up with the boots on. If you get up like normally you do, your legs will be hurt. And while you think how to stand up, you will feel the cold because you’re sitting on the snow.
This is the time when I wish those k-drama scenes were real. All of a sudden, there’s a hand in front of your frustrated face. And when you look up, there’s a cool oppa starring at you as he says, “괜찮아?” #AWWW #ValentinesDayEffect

There were 5 y.o kids sliding away better than me.
Not better in a professional way, but at least they know how to stop when sliding. Meanwhile, I…. ha. I couldn’t even reduce my speed, how do I stop. I mean, I can stop, tho—I call it “The Falling Method“; you stop because you fall.
Confession #3: It was super awkward for me as I was struggling with the skis, while those kids were like casually… skiing.
One time, I tried to hike with my skis on, and at one point I couldn’t hold myself anymore so I fell backwardly. It was really terrifying, I swear. And I stopped right before a kid who was ready to hike. As I awkwardly faced him and said sorry, he was like…


Like, literally.

I crashed into some people and some things. And that’s why I kept saying Sorry with my you-can-laugh-too-if-you-want smile.
I really feel like I have no self control… LOL. I once bumped into a baby box for sliding and a bunch of people who were queuing to hike up—awkward level: max.
Confession #4: At one time I tried to slide smoothy but then suddenly I couldn’t make it stop so I crashed into a guy.
And it’s either I hug him or I’ll fall down to a cliff. So I did hug him. (It’s not that I plan it, okay, it’s like I hug or I die)
And….. I still fell down, sitting. HAHAHA. Like, I did hold onto him but 3 secs later I really couldn’t feel my legs. So yeah.
And apparently the guy is a guard/staff there, so when I said Sorry (for the n-time that day), he said, “No prob” in a cool way. Maybe he’s holding his laughter. I knew it.

He didn’t help me to get up, by the way.
Now this is real life story. #MyLifeIsNoDrama

To make it even worse, I also crashed into this orange thingy. Seriously, why on earth was this thing placed in the middle of the slope……..

Are you guys judging me rite now? I was really bad at skiing, I know. You can laugh at it too, really. Even I always laugh whenever my friends (and myself) fall down.
But seriously, tho, just when I decided to record myself skiing, I crashed into that thing—I almost hit my head and one leg of mine were twisted and stuck there. And my hips are still in pain till now. tuzki
That time, I really thought I broke my leg. Thank God I’m still alive.

My clothes were all wet so I was constantly feeling cold. Yeaaa because I (unsurprisingly) wore my leggings and my gloves are not waterproof. Whenever I fell, I wanted to remove the snow from my legs but… nevermind. They’re all wet already.
People surely think that I’m crazy. No doubt.
Confession #5: But I did enjoy it! It was crazy, to go for a ski without any preparation (mentally and physically), but it’s a new experience after all. So yeah, I treasure every moment there—including those awkward ones.

Anyway, we stayed one night in the resort too. And even though it was like in the middle of nowhere (literally), it was sooo pretty.


After all, I didn’t regret my choice to go for skiing this weekend. Although my body is still in pain, I can say that it’s worth the pain. #MeBeingSoPositive
And they said, if you aren’t crashing, you aren’t skiing. *wink*
((of course this is a quote for a beginner, like me.))

Andddd shoutout to my girls here—who helped me a lot and patiently listened to my complaints (about the cold or the pain, lol).  ngo oi nei dei ah~ ❤

credits to: Ivy’s camera and some of our bags #SelfTimerPower


Have a great day, peeps!


Lund, Feb 14th 2016.