Chocolates, Waffles, and Fries.

Belgium, part 1.

When you hear the word Belgium, what comes to your mind? (ok, this sounds really mainstream i dunno why)

Anyway, I’d say: Belgium chocolates, Belgium waffles, and Belgium friesssss! 4a46b55dg7346791dfa19_69020110725-22047-1bpvuj8


There are like, literally, a lot of chocolate shops here. Basically, if you’re going to the city centre, you’ll find one. From the famous one like Godiva, to another local brand whose name I’ve never heard before.
In short: it made me crazy. I felt like I wanna buy every chocolate.

But then I ended up buying a green-tea chocolate from Café-Tasse and some pieces of chocolates from Elisabeth Chocolatier —which I chose based on my preference. They have like, a lot of flavours, and I chose earl grey, dark, matcha, orange, vanilla, and matcha, and dark again.

And these chocolates were sooooo damn good. No joke.

But the best one was the hot chocolate. You can have it in Häagen-Dazs cafe, they’ll give you a glass of warm milk and a sachet of chocolate chips.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. In Belgium, if you come into a shop to find chocolates, you’ll end up eating the free samples everytime you visit a store.
The best thing in life can sometimes be free… AHAHA.


Honestly, Belgium waffle is like, da bez. And again, it’s so common to sell waffles—each store promotes €1 Waffle, and they’re like… side by side. That’s why I just randomly entered a shop and got this waffle for €1…. and additional toppings for another €1. 1

But then on another day, I found another waffle shop (that seemed more legit lol). I ordered waffine instead—it’s like waffle, but with the nutella inside.

Unbelievably amazing.



You can also find fries everywhere—from a fancy cafe to a food-truck. And in fact, they will charge you on the sauce too (thankfully I don’t like eating fries with sauce; I prefer salt). I got this cup of fries for €3 and I love it.

So much love for the fries. I’m sorry I can’t help it.
(ps: look at my face don’t u want to endorse your french fries? I naturally will look so happy as if your fries are like the best in town)

Besides those 3 baes, I also had a feast with Hailey—for we were welcoming the year of monkey!
And because we’re far from our family, and we didn’t get any red pocket, we decided to celebrate it by ordering this beautiful chinese food.

I swear, I never thought I’d appreciate Chinese food like that day. Seriously, dumplings, siumay, pork, tofu, and rice… they were like…. ok. I can’t describe ’em.
But I can tell you that… more or less, I ate like this:


One last thing, Hailey and I found this famous small shop, selling different kind of soup and seafood. I heard that it’s so famous for tourists, so you can go check it out when you visit Brussels. The fried shrimp we ordered, they tasted good, btw.



Overall, Belgium was so nice! If you haven’t been there, you can add it to your places-to-go list. Especially if you love chocolates/waffles/fries.
(Me… I love them equally. Hahaha.)

Ok, so honestly, it’s almost 1 am now. And I better stop writing about the food here, because I started to feel hungry already. #WhyOhWhy


For the love of chocos-waffles-fries,



Lund, 20/02/16.