#TheSkippiesFam goes to Belgium!

Belgium, part 2.


The Skippies.
We first decided to travel around when we joined a baking activity (where we made Swedish chocoballs and left them uneaten—I’m still not over it guys lol).
And we also decided to have our own hashtag for our insta-worthy posts: #TheSkippiesFam.

The simple reason behind it…. it’s because we, most likely, will be skipping class to travel around. HAHAH it sounds pretty silly tho, but I love it. Like, ‘We are the Skippies who skip class‘. Sounds so cute fancy.
And Fam stands for family. Because, yea we actually are. #AWWWmoment

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The Skippies Fam. ❤


So, from left to right: Sheren (Me), Sofia, Madalina (our Mom), and Hailey.

And after our first meeting, we decided that our first trip is gonna be Brussels, Belgium!


It was early February, a week before Valentine’s day. While I knew already that my valentine’s going to be ordinary, Brussels seemed to feel a lot of love:

(ps: I couldn’t help to sing Mistletoe when I saw that window decoration… HAHA. I guess I’m a proud Belieber)

And perhaps the universe was trying to give me a sign that I should get a boyfriend. Because we unintentionally found this.

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How To Get A Boyfriend in 3 Steps. Easy. HA.

I really loved this hahaha I should’ve bought the cake……. and ate it by myself.

Oh, btw, we also went to Bruges, another part of Belgium. And this place was absolutely beautiful. Like, you’ll have this can-I-just-live-here feeling.

But it was windy like crazy. Look at me—trying to pose normally but then the wind blew my hair till my face was covered so I laughed and Hailey captured it. And it was like that all the time I was like asdfg%@#hjkl!

By the way, there are some lil facts about The Skippies Fam:
1. Selfie is our thing. Like, literally. ((many thanks to the selfie stick!)


2. We like to imitate them statues. Thankfully these places were not that crowded… otherwise people will judge us. But hey, who cares? *wink*


Please at least appreciate our efforts…. HAHAHA.


3. We come from different countries—but after all we are just the same: we’re crazy.
One time, while we were searching for Belgium (authentic) fries, we saw a super fancy McDonalds.

Sheren: can we just go to McDonalds and eat thereee I’m starving
Madalina: No we’ll find the fries soon
Sofia: Actually we can just have McDonalds’ fries… shall we go?
Madalina: NO.
All: …. *silent*

So yeah, in the end we didn’t go to McDonalds and kept walking to find the Belgium fries.
And since then, we call Madalina as our Mom—because when mom says no, it’s definitely a no.

Anyway, we definitely loveeeee Belgium! Despite the super-windy-but-not-so-cold weather, Brussels and Bruges will always be in our heart!

❤ ❤ ❤

Can’t wait for #TheSkippiesFam ‘s next trip!



Lund, Feb 19th 2016.