Weekend Getaway: Copenhagen

Have you guys watched The Danish Girl?
It was set in Copenhagen at 1920s, and I personally think that the places where the most scenes took place are sooo beautiful.
And this weekend, I decided to give Copenhagen a visit with my friend, Hye Sun.


Idk why but I find this really funny hahaha. ok.

From Copenhagen Central Station, we headed out to Strøget—a long pedestrian street that is famous for shopping area. Here, you can find Denmark souvenirs (some shops are identical tho), as well as local & international fashion brands.




and we walked around nearby to find the Copenhagen Main Library. *bookworm alert*
(ps: it’s so huge and has a lot of books with different categories and comfy sofas and free wifi… yeah, free wifi was like a scarce resource here.)

And there’s this huge LEGO store, where all you can see there is… LEGO.
But you can actually create your own in the Pick&Build section. Or make 3 figures people for around 60DKK.

This one was Royal Copenhagen, which sells porcelain products like tableware, collectables, and basically all the beautiful stuff.
They’re like super pretty I feel like I wanna buy everything but nah… I’m broke already.

And here comes the highlight of the day: Nyhavn.

Nyhavn, København. (2016)


This picture postcard place was where Hans Christian Andersen used to live. And I also remember that there’s one scene in The Danish Girl that was set in this beautiful district.
So yeah, I wouldn’t miss my chance to take some shots here—like every single tourist did, basically.
(ps: i’ll just be honest—these pretty boots were killing me, slowly but sure. No kidding.)


Patiently waiting for other tourists to go away HAHAHA



By the way, our favourite restaurant here was Wagamama, a Japanese restaurant. I know that’s pretty lame—why don’t you try Danish food while you’re in Denmark?, you might ask. But that day we were like, starving, and craving for Asian food. I mean, rice, specifically. #HowCanILiveWithoutRice

Wagamama is a bit pricey tho, but actually the food is amazing so it will be worth it!
(ps: we got a coupon from our hotel for a glass of juice free! ehehe)

By the way, we also managed to visit Hillsong Church Copenhagen, and all I can say about that place is… it was really awesome. 

It’s really sad that I couldn’t visit Tivoli Garden (a theme park), because they mainly operate on summer, halloween, and christmas period. But actually, at that time the weather was really bad, tho: rainy and windy—what could be worse than these two.

So, as there are still some places that I wanna visit in Copenhagen, I’d say that I definitely will be back in this beautiful city—soon!



Lund, 22/02/16


Bonus: sending love from Copenhagen! #girlsnight ❤