Sledding in Oslo

“I may suck at skiing, but sledding is definitely my thing.”

—Sheren, 20, have had enough of awkward-slash-embarrassing moments of skiing.

In my third day in Oslo, me and my Skippies Fam went for sledding in Korketrekkeren (I tried once to pronounce it but… nah, forget it).
At first, I was kinda nervous because… you know, my last experience with skiing was not that good. And now with sledding, I was not even sure how to control the sleds.

But when I watched people do it, part of me thought that, damn bro it’s gonna be that easy.
So yeah, I said to myself, let’s do this.

The way this sledding resort works is that, you rent the equipment, you sled for around 8 mins (depends on your speed), and you take the train to the starting point.
And you can repeat this for like, as much as you like, seriously.

look at how they still look ok w/ the helmet while me…

I didn’t fall very often, but when I fell—I fell hard. (wait, this sounds like a love quote. Oh please)
I mean, there’s this path for sledding that was closed but people like, didn’t give a damn and still took the way. So we too tried sledding through this path. It was actually okay… until I saw Hailey (who was sledding before me), hit a snow block and fell.
I was like, freaking out, trying to control my sled but…… tet-tot, it was too late.

So yeah, I did sled on that snow block and was thrown away. I think I was flying, you know, for 1 or 2 seconds.



img 3




left: “can u take a pic of me without the helmet please?” #desperatelyneedtotakeitoff
right: me, casually eating my lunch (re: a sandwich)—right after I hit the snowdrift

Ok, other than that… sledding was super fun. I decided to record how it was like with my iPhone. But first, here are some warnings for you:

  1. I’m a super amateur videographer. I mean it—I only recorded what I wanna see and no techniques involved (besides trying-to-hold-my-phone-while-sledding technique). This was recorded by iPhone only, so the beautiful landscape couldn’t be really captured. At this time I wish I had a GoPro……. but nejjj, I’m broke already.
  2. Please, please, bear with my face. Even I hated it (damn you, helmet). And most of the time I made a weird face so… Ok. Just, don’t mind it. Thanks.
  3. Sometimes it will be a lil bit noisy—both my voice and the moving shaking video. Hey, there’s no such a smooth path. #thebumpierthebetter hahaha what.


(you know what, honestly, I really hate it when I recorded my face from low-angle. Angle matters the most—girls no.1 rule, duh. But, damn, I couldn’t even think about it while I was recording. For the sake of safety…. so. yea. decadd7edb6b1014ca0cb7a1afcb8ea3)


beautiful people. i mean, scenery. but actually, both;) // my fam > yours. ❤ 

Regardless of the unpleasant things—my hands were freezing, my phone, leggings and shoes were wet, my hair was a mess thanks-to-the-helmet, and that I got some ice stuck on my coat—I did enjoy the moments.
And the neighbourhood there is like, the best. There are many beautiful houses/cottages  with a super nice view in the background. Imagine waking up to snowy Oslo—mountains, pine trees, cold sea… every morning. *cry*

Definitely worth a visit.

Cheers ❤


Lund, 01/03/16  —wait, it’s March already.