#OSLOVE: On Sunny Winter Days

When I first arrived in Oslo, it was like love at the first sight (well, not like, literally in the airport arrival hall tho). It was a sunny day, yet it was a bit cold.
And here are the 10 things I love while in Oslo, during our 3-nights-4-days trip:

1. We fell in love with our airbnb (thanks to Sofia!). It was super comfy and felt like home that we literally decided to take a nap before going out—or maybe we’re just too tired.


2. Strolling around the Frognerparken. It’s a big park, perfect for picnic (not in this weather tho), and there’s this area where you could see all statues with awkward pose.

(I took the less-awkward ones because even I felt so awkward to take the super-awkward posing statues….so yeah.) But really, you can just google frognerparken statues and… you’ll see. Hahahaha.

Btw, we managed to imitate this super-normal pose (with people around staring at us…..)

The park was still beautiful anyway.

On our way back to home, we walked along this mini harbour—I actually forgot the name, but I guess this might be Bygdøy Peninsula. Anyway, this waterside is so pretty and perfect for a romantic scene (but if you’re single, thats ok too because who caaaaares you can just take selfies and cool pics hahaha…haha..ha..)

(my very first #followmeto photo….. was so awkward AHAHA. Thanks Hailey for lending me your hand—I’ll be able to pose like a pro later when I’m holding Mr. Right’s hand the time comes. Ah.)

3. Karl Johans Gate, the city centre. Basically, it’s a shopping street with cool cafes around (and Cathedral, of course… what do you expect lol).

(even Oslo tried to remind me about love. not today, Oslo, not today.)

4. Oslo City Hall, close to Karl Johans gateThis was a super beautiful and well-decorated building.


5. Museums, here and there. There are several cool museums you’d like to pay a visit if you’re in Oslo. We visited The Noble Museum, The Filmens Hus, and this one was the Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art.

Then, The Vikings Museum.

(I was like, super excited to find out that the spiral thing was on snapchat filter lol)

And this one, The Fram Museum. And this was really cool.

ps: there are several hot men outside the museum. and you’re free to hug them because why not… it’s so cold and they’re warm, nuff said.
“Don’t touch my man!”—Madalina, when I tried to hug the man in the middle. Okay Ma’am. Okay.


6. Frozen Oslo. Watch your steps, because sometimes, you’ll find yourself walking on ice. (If only I could skate… Hah.)
But actually, even the sea was frozen—I found it really cool, but unfortunately some ferries didn’t operate until April because of this.

ps: I didn’t fall while walking, fyi. This time I could handle the ice. #kibasrambut


7. The super beautiful Opera House. Seriously, it’s like super peaceful and it’s surrounded by a frozen sea (or lake, or whatevs). And if you’re a #whiteaddict on instagram, this will be your insta-worthy place, lol.



8. The Holmenkollen Ski Museum. It’s just, so amazing, I can’t even imagine how people actually go skiing here. (for competition, mostly)

SEE. While people can actually dance/fly/make a toss into the air while skiing, I’ll just slip one of my feet and voila, I’d be an instant snowman because hell yeah I ain’t goin nowhere but down there.

9. And… this amazingly old yet beautiful castle, Akershus Fortress. This would be a perfect place to watch sunset, seriously. We almost did it—we sat on a park bench, ready to witness the sunset—but nah… it’s too cold and we’re hangry; we’d rather go home.


10. Lastly, since I mentioned about hangry in point no. 9… let’s just talk about food. Personally, I think the food in Oslo is relatively expensive—even for fast food or 7/11.
(But the green juice was okay—it’s healthy and it’s green, so I didn’t mind.)

So, my fam decided to cook for dinner since we got kitchen in our airbnb too. And for that reason, we went for grocery shopping in cheap minimarket nearby. That’s when I decided to buy instant noodle for my midnight snack….. he-he.

( special thanks to our pretty chefs: Mads and Hailey! and Sofia, my partner in washing the dishes, hahahahah love u gurlz ❤ )


After all, we all agreed that Oslo is one of the beautiful cities we’ve ever been to. #TheSkippiesFam 







Lund, 08/03/2016.