Keep Calm and Bake Cookies

Have you guys ever played Cookie Run game? Like, you have different type of cookies equipped with different superpowers, basically to run all the way long—until you’re tired of playing and then intentionally kill your cookie so that it’s over.

Err, actually, I’m just asking. I was thinking of quotes-about-cookies but, nevermind.

Anyway, it was during an afternoon class on Friday when Cecilia, Tammy, and I randomly decided to bake some cookies at Tammy’s place.



I guess it was super random too, when I decided to record the whole process. And before you watch the video, as usual, here are some warnings:
– You might be wasting your 9mins of your life, seeing us baking talking and singing.
– Beware of my voice. Sometimes it can’t be controlled…
– Lower your expectation… because, yeah, you’ll see.


Ok, let me tell you in details.

In the first round, we were so hungry. So, when we finally put the tray into the oven, we were like, finally. We just need to wait for 13mins.
After chitchat-ing for a while, Tammy decided to cook pasta and beef for our dinner. I was surfing the internet, Cecilia was with her phone, and several mins later, Tammy’s alarm rang.
“Ah, just turn it off”, Tammy said.
And so, Cecilia did turn it off.
The next minute, Tammy asked us, “How much do you want the pasta?”
And then I said, well… not that much probably, “Since we’ll have the cookies too, right.”

(literally everyone was silent as we looked at each other.)
“SH!^#%?!” –> after 3 seconds, Tammy started to curse (HAHAHA).

And it’s too late—our babies couldn’t survive.

But anyway, failure is just the beginning. We had the amazing cookies in our second and third round, tho. And really. Them cookies. They’re amazing. May not be as round as the cookie emoji f0e757d339cf5265d59ada218617dab0, but still they’re beautiful. I believe in inner beauty (of food. hahaha).

Oh, and thanks to Cecilia who actually can think of opening a cookie business lol you make them look perffff. And thanks Tammy for letting us know the recipe, and bake it happen at your place—annnndd make your kitchen even more…. [insert an adjective here] hahaha. Ngo ai nei dei ah ❤


In conclusion, when girls gather to bake/cook something, in the end: talking > actual process of baking. Well, girls—we just wanna have fun. avatar_be3e6013a7eb_128.png
(ugh, that mainstream line.)

Salam cookies  f0e757d339cf5265d59ada218617dab0f0e757d339cf5265d59ada218617dab0f0e757d339cf5265d59ada218617dab0 ,


Lund, 15/03/16.