#MakanApaHariIni: 불닭 까르보나라

오늘 뭐 먹지?

If you love to eat instant noodle/ramen, I’m certain that you’ve tried Samyang before.

Samyang 불닭볶음면 어디까지 먹어봤니? How do you usually eat Samyang?

This food was once super famous for its level of spiciness, and I normally just eat it the same, ordinary way. Until I randomly found a video about taking Samyang to the next level!
And that’s when I decided to post another #MakanApaHariIni: the super-easy-yet-fancy Buldak Carbonara!

Ok, so, I feel like Buldak Carbonara is so happening right now. As I mentioned before, I was inspired by 해먹남녀 facebook post to try making one for myself.
And, this is super easy—really. Does not require much time to prepare too.

So, several things that you need are:
– one cup of Samyang 불닭볶음면
– a glass of milk
– slices of cheese (I only put two slices)
– bacon

That’s all!

 시작합시다! Let’s get started!9d4a29659ee2582a999feefd40ee8315


와…진짜 맛있어요~ 그리고 너무 쉬워요 ^^!

It is as easy as it looks, so I recommend you to try it!
Oh, and note that it’s better for you not to put too much cheese—otherwise, the Samyang will be too sticky.


Happy cooking!


Lund // March 2016.