Pot-Luck Dinner // Swedish and the Fish


How to be a Swedish 101: you gotta love the fish!

Hej peeps, hur mår du?
I’m back in Lund (staying for several weeks, finally) and spring is here!

Last month some of my corridor mates and I decided to have a mini pot-luck dinner. Basically, it’s where people cook their own county’s traditional/signature cuisine.

Before you guys watch us being crazy because of food, here’s a brief list about the dishes we made:

Food #1: Fried Noodle
By: Dennis  b08cadcc60366138fc3ec656ae3686bb
Note: It’s soooo good… and I suddenly felt homesick. I used to eat Chinese food a lot—whether in Indonesia or Hong Kong. And fried noodle with chicken is just asdgjhkl ㅠㅠ.

Food #2: Linköping Soup
By: August 281eb729f5e3703e64e99004dbf110cc
Note: We called it Linköping Soup because it’s where August came from (I know right, we’re so random).

Food #3: I proudly present…. *drumroll* INDOMIE! And Sambel Terasi!
By: Sheren 877dcef9e5bfccbe6f983af36e3171ec
Okay… I know it’s kinda lame to only cook Indomie. It’s not that I can’t cook any better/proper food, it’s because on that day I came home late; no time to prepare.
Ugh I sound like I’m making an excuse now…. ANYWAY. It’s Indomie. So it’s super Indonesian (Indo = Indonesia, Mie = Noodle. How authentic!).
Oh, and Sambel Terasi… gosh it’s my favorite and I’m just super glad that I can share it to the guys here!

Food #4: Pickled Herring (with bread and eggs)
By: David 281eb729f5e3703e64e99004dbf110cc
Note: I kept asking whether or not the fish is raw since I can’t really eat raw food… By the way I love the boiled eggs as the toppings!

Food #5: Another Pickled Herring (now with onions and sauces)
By: Eric 281eb729f5e3703e64e99004dbf110cc
Note: At first I thought I’ll just eat only potato and sauce…. HAHA. Oh, and it’s my first time to eat sliced onions—and probably my last time. I… just can’t.

Food #6: Surströmming (THE-IT-FISH)
By: Linus 281eb729f5e3703e64e99004dbf110cc
Note: I heard about the unpleasant smell when they opened the can—thankfully I was not there; I was late. And that they said it’s Swedish traditional food but almost everybody refuses to eat it.
Even we couldn’t finish eating one tuzki11 I felt sorry for the fish tho…

Anyway, it’s kinda crazy because I actually hated the fact that there’s onion as a side dish, more than the fish itself. HAHAH. So in the end I gave up the onion and everything else,  and ate only the fish. I guess I can be a real Swedish, huh? cz49
ps: It’s actually not that bad… or maybe I just hated the onions too much lol. But then I ate a lot of candies and drank several glass of water, to get rid of the taste of the fish.

Food #7: Apple Pie 
By: Eloïse 7bc3be60780c30536f7f3e0318fb76a2
Note: Finally, something that is not fish, hahaha. Oh and it’s super delicious!





In conclusion: whether it’s fancy/ordinary, I’m glad that I can have another story to tell because of this pot-luck! And especially the Surströmming—when someone asks “What’s Swedish traditional food you’ve tried?” later on, I’ll definitely tell the whole stories about me eating the legendary fish. 😉 #NoRegrets



Lund, 2016.
// The Vicious and Delicious Corridor, 15/03/2016.