Stockholm: An Impromptu Weekend Getaway

Friday, 15/04/2016.

At around 10pm: I randomly saw a photo of Stockholm’s cherry blossom on Instagram. The next thing I know, I packed my bag already.

It’s my first time to go somewhere without checking the accommodation in advance, planning the what-to-do, and even asking for a friend to go with me.
And the funniest thing is that, it started with a picture of a pink garden in Stockholm that I simply dont wanna miss.

Saturday, 16/04/2016

7.30am: I booked a room for a night. It’s my luck that the hotel is located near Central Station and that I got a single room with a half price.

9.00am: The train that I was supposed to take at 9:23 had no seats left. So I took the 9:30 one but the journey would be longer—I’ll arrive in Stockholm at 3pm.
Anyway it’s still a better option because the next train was at 11:30 so… yeah.

3pm: Stockholm, finally!
As I walked from the Central station to the hotel, I could immediately see that this city and its people are super busy. It made me feel like a kid, who came from a village to a big city, could get lost at any time, and was very dependent on google maps. HAHA.
Well, it’s true tho… Lund is super quiet and almost seems like a village, compare to Stockholm.

4pm: first stop—Stockholm Stadsbiblioteket! I’ve been wanting to go here since I was still in Asia.
The book hall is incredibly amazing; it’s a 360° room filled with bookshelves. Goshhh this is literally a library goal. I gotta have one like this in my house someday.

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4.30pm: I went to Kungsträdgården, where the cherry blossom trees are located, to fulfil my target of this trip.

First impression: “OMG am I in Japan? This is super pretty!
The next second:

“Look at them people… How the heck should I take a picture here?”
“Omg those foreigners are wearing kimono!”
“Goshhh why it’s so foggy”
“Ok its time to squeeze myself in” *stand in the middle of the park*
“Ok just take one picture”
“Ok dont take a selfie here” (because it’ll be either your close up face with a lil bit of pink flowers, or a further shot with people behind)
“can you move away…”
(ps: of course the last two are inside my head)

So yeah, in the end I decided just to walk around the garden and take a close up look of the cherry blossoms.

5pm: just a minute from the garden, there’s NK, the oldest and the most luxurious department store in here.


5:20pm: strolling around the street because I don’t know where else to go, LOL. I ended up in a street with fashion and beauty stores along the way—not bad huh.
Ok, so, I noticed something weird here. H&M is just like 7/11 in Hong Kong—they’re everywhere. Like, literally. I saw one H&M, walked for 20 steps, then its another branch.
They even stand side by side.

So I went to Monki instead (because Lund doesn’t have it, of course).
And since it’s weekend, some stores close pretty early, so there’s nothing I really can do after 6pm. Gosh… I still cant accept this.


Sunday, 17/04/2016

9am: I have my breakfast in the hotel, hopelessly looking at the foggy weather outside. ☁️

10am: but the worst thing in life comes free to us (said Ed Sheeran). Just when I went out from the hotel—the moment I opened the door and took my first step, it started to rain. ☔️ well, thanks Stockholm, tengsss.

Almost 11am: I finally reached Gamla Stan!
Actually my map said it took 25mins from my hotel to Gamla Stan, and the heavy rain made me to walk faster. But sometimes I felt so cold so I stopped by some souvenir shops. At least my coat would dry a lil bit.

Gamla Stan is an old town in Stockholm, which you can find souvenir shops (a lot, until you cant really compare the price) and cafes.
Again, because its Sunday and it’s not even 11am yet, some cafes were still closed. So in the end I just took a stroll around Gamla Stan, bought some postcards, and waited for the sun to come out (would be at around 12:30pm, according to iPhone’s weather forecast).

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1pm: Kungsträdgården, again. 🌸
As I saw there were still many people there, I need to accept the fact that it’s just impossible for me to take a super-nice, insta-worthy photo of an empty park.
But anyway! It’s now or never, I need to have a picture here.
So I started to take some sakura pics and selfies, as I was preparing to ask some random stranger to take a picture of me.

And then suddenly I heard someone asked, “do you want me to help you?”. Whoa, perfect timing.
There’s this one man with a camera, he lives in Stockholm, and was quite surprised when I said, “Yeah I came here just because of the cherry blossom”. Later on I found out that he was interested in photography, so I ended up having several shots from different angle, lol.

And for me, the worst part of travelling alone is that you can’t simply casually ask for another picture if the recent one doesn’t really look good. I mean, that day I was lucky enough to meet this man, who offered and suggested for a different angle.
So yeah, because I felt bad for him too, I had to deal with the photos I got. For example, look at how some random people kept appearing in my background.
(especially the guy who stood there with his eyes closed and earphones on—as he was in a music video😒😒)

[Ok, I know, perhaps I was randomly appeared in someone else’s picture too—maybe they hated it, maybe they didn’t care. But anyway, it’s just me being so perfectionist when it comes to photo-taking.] 💁

Nevertheless, this is definitely one crazy weekend for me. And that being spontaneous when it comes to a trip… it’s not that bad.
With my less-than-2-months time left here in Sweden, I’ll go visit Stockholm again—for sure!

xo 🌸🌸🌸


Stockholm, 17 Apr 2016.