15 Frequently Asked Questions when in Sweden

Q: So, how was it? Have you got any Swedish boyfriend there?

Hej people!
Today is exactly 30 days before I’m going back home… (ok i’m so happy sad happy sad happy sad uh whatever). I just suddenly thought of some questions that people—family, friends, and the people I met here—have asked me during my stay here in Sweden. Here’s the list:

Q: Where are you from? 
A: Uh, I’m from Indonesia, but I’ve been studying in Hong Kong for 2.5 years.

People will be like, “Oh! That’s interesting!” and “That’s… far…” (i know, right).
Most of the times I felt so lazy to answer that long so I just said Indonesia. And sometimes when I’m with my Hong Kong buddies and people ask that question, I’ll just get along with we’re-from-hongkong. 
Uh, because I’m just too lazy to say that I’m the only Indo… and that we basically look Chinese.
That’s why, the next question is—

Q: Ah, I see. But are you Chinese? You are, right? Can you speak Chinese?
A: he he I am….. But no I can’t speak Chinese.

Then I’ll explain why, like oh yea, because my family doesn’t really speak Chinese… sometimes my grandparents do. And I’ve been learning it since I was 7 but… I just can’t (HEHE).

Q: Why did you come to Sweden? // Why did you choose Sweden?
A: Oh, I’m here for my exchange program till mid June ((WHICH IS A MONTH FROM NOW GUYS)) // I… actually didn’t choose Sweden [insert awkward smile]. I chose UK but then I got Sweden and I thought, well… this one is definitely not a bad option too, so why not?

Some people said that Sweden is a really good country to live in (which is true) and that everything is expensive (SO TRUE). But actually, back then when I was a bit uncertain to take this chance of exchange program, my roommate was there, encouraging me to go.
I asked her, “Do you know where is Sweden by the way?”
“Eh… Somewhere in Europe?”
And then we both immediately googled where is Sweden. HAHAH okay this is embarrassing.

Q: So can you speak Swedish now? 
A: OF COURSE I can…t.
I mean, I just studied Svenska for 2 weeks after my arrival and after my exam, everything was gone from my brain.

Except hej and tack, of course. And maybe some other simple words, I can get the meaning. But then I cannot say that jag pratar Svenska.

Q: How’s the weather there?
A: Omg you have no idea. It was so freaking cold during winter, but I loved it; it was all white and it was dark already at 4pm. Then, when it’s supposed to be spring… the weather was still cold and super windy. Sometimes rainy, too. And last week was just great—the sun is shining and seems like it doesn’t wanna disappear till 9pm (YEA TRU).
But when I’m writing this, it was all cloudy and cold. C’mon, Sweden… not again. 😔 

Q: So, how was it? Have you got any Swedish boyfriend there?
A: What? No… why? I mean, no. 

It’s simply because, I came to Sweden with no intention to find a boyfriend. I came here to see a whole new world (WHAT THE)… and yea, I don’t need Aladdin to ride the magic carpet—in my life, it’s a (cheap) airlines HAHA.
And seems like the universe agrees with this, too. Soooo for almost 5 months here I haven’t bumped into some random stranger in the library or bookshop, that we both drop our books and pick em up while staring at each other. And then it started with, “So I guess we like the same author… Shall we go for a fika?”
DAYMMMMN. But okay stop.
The point is, no, I don’t have a boyfriend here, and there.

Q: Wah… I see that you’re pro at cooking now. What do you usually cook?
A: Hahaha I’m not a pro… I basically just cook everything I can, like Korean or Indonesian food. Nothing fancy, tho.

A pro… Ha, I wanna laugh. It’s true that I cook proper food but it’s the super basic one like fried rice with bacon and (fail) fried egg. Or pasta with bacon. Basically anything with bacon LOL.
ps: I was once super lazy to cook I just bought an instant rice box…..

Q: So when you’re back to Hong Kong, are you done with school? // Then, are you gonna work in Hong Kong or go back to Indonesia?
A: Nope, I still have my final year.  // Er…. I actually don’t know, but most likely I’ll stay in HK. 

Seriously, this ‘are you gonna be in HK or Indo after graduation’ is driving me crazy. I mean, it’s fine if I know what I’ll do in the future… But now, I honestly have no idea. Like, maybe I’ll just go somewhere else to study. Or travelling around for a year. Or get married…. HAHA ok of course this won’t happen.
And then they’ll ask ‘why’ to whatever my answer is—which, I’m not so sure, so I just say “I don’t know”. Which, probably they’ll ask why, too.

Q: How’s the people in Sweden? Are they friendly? Do they speak English?
A: They’re so nice; some of them are just naturally friendly. And yeah, they do speak English. So far I don’t really have any problem with language barrier. 

At that time when I was walking from school to my home, I saw a guy walking in a hurry (I can hear from his steps behind). And when he walked past me, he said “What a good day, huh?” 
And I was a bit surprised so I just nodded and smile. And looked around… you know, in case he’s actually talking to someone else behind me.

Q: So do you always go to IKEA?
A: What…. no, I’ve only been there twice… 

I know that people immediately think about IKEA and H&M when talking about Sweden. But no, IKEA is kinda far from the city I live in… So sometimes I just feel lazy to go. Besides, I don’t have something to buy, thinking that I might not be able to bring it back home.
And yea, I can just buy the so-called IKEA meatballs in supermarket.

Q: Do you miss home?
A: Everyday. 

It’s been so wonderful to be here in Lund. Really. And it’s also amazing to go travelling. It’s funny how you can go anywhere you want (as long as it’s cheap of course haha), but still you know your heart belongs to one place. So yeah. I do miss home. Not that much till it makes me cry, but I feel it everyday.

Q: What things do you miss the most when you’re in Sweden?
A: INDONESIAN FOOD. I mean, I can make one but it’s just…..

Anyway, I’m also craving for bubble tea because Lund doesn’t have one. Lastly, I miss Starbuck’s green tea latte—a lot. I realized that Starbucks in Europe doesn’t serve it… #sadtruth

Q: Why are you always travelling? // Are you there for studying or travelling? 
A: Hahaha, it’s just because I’m an exchange student… I’d say that I’m not really busy with classes. But of kors I’m also studying—just that I don’t feel like updating my social media whenever I’m revising or doing projects.

Q: What’s the most beautiful thing you’ve seen so far? (asked by my bff Aman Middha via snapchat LOL. Thanks bro!)
A: Lund in white, and this super pretty rapeseed field. Both are breathtakingly beautiful… I know it might be ‘ordinary’ to some of you. To me, these two different seasons can effortlessly turn a little town like Lund into a lovely one. 

Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset
Walking to school has never been this pretty.
I swear, I feel like I’m looking at a painting.

(by the way, about this hidden gem in Lund, I’ll talk more about that later! 🌼🌼🌼)

Q: Will you go back to Lund someday?
A: Definitely. Either for a holiday, or further studies, or to find a job, or even to stay for good. I mean, I don’t know what the future holds. But this place has become a part of my life, so I’ll come back for sure.
(oh my gosh this makes me a bit sad asdfghjkl helppp 😭)

And with the remaining 30 days I got, I’ll make the most of it. Will keep you guys updated, of course!



Lund, 15/05/2016.