Highlights of Ireland

From visa-free incident to the Cliffs of Moher, and everything else.

1. Visa-free to Ireland.
Since I thought that this country is part of EU, I proudly presented my Swedish residence permit at the immigration. But then the staff said, “You need a visa to enter Ireland“.
You have no idea how my face looked like at that time—I tried to put on my poker face  yet I was even ready to cry if she told me to go back to Sweden.
And then she asked me some questions and after 15 mins—that felt like forever, I swear—for the first time in my life, I was given a visa warning.
But anyway! Eventually I could enter Ireland without visa; that’s the point. HE HE HE

2. Best. Chicken. Ever.
Or maybe Pearlyn and I were just hangry. But this bucket of chicken was no joke. Amazing.

3. Nature at its finest.
The countryside of Ireland was incredibly amazing; like, finally, after every old town and cathedral, I could enjoy the nature.
And the tour guide explained that, it was our lucky day—the weather was just perfectly nice, while normally it’s always a gloomy day there. I guess the Irish fairies gave us some luck, huh? (Yes. Irish people believe in fairies, fyi.)

Processed with VSCO with se3 preset

Processed with VSCO with se3 preset

Such a breathtaking view—literally.

I wonder what people think when they’re here and enjoying the view, tho.
Me? Ah. I just had random thoughts, as usual.

Waaaah this is too pretty, as if it was painted.
I wish my family was here.
Goshhh maybe I should just build a house here for my retirement. (Why do I keep thinking to retire tho? I’m not even employed.)
It’d be nice if I could fly…
Will humans die immediately if they jump from here?
Sometimes people are just like this view—beautiful, yet dangerous. As I wanna get closer, I have to be careful. Or I’ll be the one who gets hurt.
(OMG this is deep I should just write a novel about this)

If you were there… what would your thoughts be?

Anyway. Lets move on.

Left: what basically people do here… like seriously.
Right: double peace signs just because thats what i felt there—PEACE. Ha ha just kidding, I’m still looking for my inner peace just like Po. #IAmPo #OurEyebagsAreTheSame #PandaSpirit

Next, look at how I overcame my fear for the sake of a good photo.
[insert a motivational quote about life or even unrelated one its ok] hashtag, nature.

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Focus on the view, okay. Don’t mind my face there, thanks.

That feeling when you sit on the edge of the cliff and dangle your feet… It was amazing. It’s like the nature tries to set you free.

But actually, this is where I sat.

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Hahaha yeah, so I did sit on the edge but my feet were still on the ground. I didn’t wanna risk my life just for an incredible photo, kay?
That was the closest that I could go—and it was perfectly safe, just that sometimes I felt like the wind could easily blow me off…

And I was not joking when I said I didn’t wanna take risk. You guys might say, you’re too much, you’ll just stand or sit there for several seconds anyway. But no one knows what will happen after that several-seconds moment, right.
In fact, there are people who sadly got into accident. My prayer goes to all of them; it’s kinda sad for me to know that in such a beautiful place like here, some people are gone. #RIP 😦

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Oh, by the way.
Shout out to Pearlyn, who helped me in taking nice photos despite her being so scared to stand close. She said “I’ll just be there and just zoom in ok” and stood kinda far away behind me lol.

Us featuring Mother Nature.


4. THE ROCK (n.) —(not Dwayne Johnson)
The tour stopped by The Burren (in Irish: Boíreann), which means a rocky place.

You know what, somehow the left picture represents my love life: it’s always a rocky path but guyssss SEE how I’m still moving on.
HAHAHA OMG I literally just thought about that when writing this post I feel so sentimental rite now hahahaha…ha…ha……….. ok that’s kinda sad.

5. The ExtraOrdinary Bridge.
I knew that the bridges in Dublin are on the postcards and tripadvisor’s to-go list, but I personally didn’t think it’s that special. Or maybe it’s just me who can’t really find the exact angle to capture this bridge beautifully.
Anyway it’s still pretty tho (only at nights, in my opinion. because of the lights).

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6. Libraries in Dublin.
In this paragraph I hereby declare that I was so disappointed for 2 things. First, at the super amazing National Library of Ireland….. photo-taking is prohibited (WHY ON EARTH). Second, at the Trinity College Library…. visitors need to pay for €9. At first I was like, omg who will pay for such thing? Uh, I would, actually.
And so we went there at 9:45AM on our last day BUT THEN the queue was crazily long… it’s like people queueing for a newly-released iPhone, ya know. Sadly we had to let go because we couldn’t miss our flight.
And as a person who has a thing with library, I AM SO SAD actually.

So bless those people who get permission to take a photo inside the national Library (they’re on google btw) and who have time to queue at the Trinity library.

Another library goals. Especially THAT Library at Trinity College—what a perfect place to hide yourself, to get drawn in pages, to read in silence besides your loved one… it’s still my kind of date he he. #nerd
(NOTE: pictures are not mine—I wish. I just googled them and edited them on my phone, that’s all)

7. Last but not least… We tried some best and top-rated food in Dublin. 



Andddd if you’re reading this, thank you! Because you have completed another virtual trip with me.
Happy Friday, folks!

Sending (some of) the Irish luck —because I might need it too.


Ireland / May 23-25 2016.