And So, Let’s Just Enjoy the Ride

Göterborg, Sweden.
My theme park experience has never been this crazy.

This Saturday, Chloe and I went to Liseberg, the biggest-slash-most visited theme park in Scandinavia. Finally, I got a chance to be there before leaving Sweden! And it’s been a year since my last visit to a theme park (in Hong Kong), actually.
So now, let’s have a brief review of each ride, shall we?

1. Helix
This is probably the craziest roller coaster ride I’ve ever taken. I’m not sure how long it takes for one ride but I felt like forever HAHA. I swear, the loop and the twist were just endless, as if it didn’t give me a second to take a breath.

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2. Flume Ride
The exciting part about this is when the boat is about to slide down. I was like, okay okay in 3 2 1… 1… damn when will it sli-asdfghjkljgkl! [insert heboh scream here]
Other than that, everything was just chill and relaxing.

3. Kållerado
We took the boat with a group of people, and the water will pour or splash randomly towards some parts of the boat. The best thing about this ride is that, you have the right to laugh at someone whenever the water splash on them—even if they’re strangers.

4. Slänggungan the Waver Swing
You may not believe it, but this was my first time to go on the swing ride. I’ve always skipped this in any other theme parks (even at Disneyland, HAHA), just because I don’t feel it’s fun enough………..
and that actually I’m a bit afraid of it. Like, I will be sitting alone, and that there’s just a thin stick to hold on oh-em-ji, what if my seat is the one that’s not strong enough and I’m thrown away?
BUT. This time, I’m being brave. For the very first time, I took a swing.


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At first I was like, “hahaha what’s this, this is so relaxing” and tried to enjoy the view….. until I realize that the swing moved higher and faster. So I started to hold the (rante) so tight; I couldn’t even look at the view below because I felt like I wanna throw up.
And while them teenagers laughing and pushing each other’s swing and going crazy……. I  sat tight as if I were a zombie, telling myself, “it’s ok Sheren maybe after 3 more swings everything will end”.
In conclusion: no, I don’t like it. I prefer to take another Helix ride over this one. (fyi, I didn’t throw up hehe)

5. Rabalder Kiddie Coaster
What can I say? This is just too basic for me. *flip hair*

HAHAH ok sorry but seriously tho. We took it as our first ride bcs we wanted to warm ourselves up. And yea basically the passengers were all kids (with their parents).
ps: I honestly felt SO OLD but then I realized that my height is still acceptable to be categorized as “kids” and so I’M OKAY.

6. The Venetian Carousel
I’m pretty sure this carousel would be prettier during the night, for the lights will be on—which, unfortunately the sun sets at around 9:30pm and by that time we had to be on the train already.
So as you can see the pictures below, the carousel looks a little less romantic, right.

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But it’s not that I went here with a prince charming, anyway.

Still, I loveeeeeee to ride on a carousel. Even I love to compete with them kids to choose a pretty horse HAHA.

7. Lisebergbanan
Another roller coaster and since there’s no loop, I dare myself to record for several seconds.

8. Kanonen
This one is my favourite ride after Helix. It may look like another roller coaster ride, but actually this one is different. While other normal roller coaster will slowly move and climb up the stairs and then slide down in a faster speed, this damn roller coaster moves back a little and zooms in a super high speed, going on a loop.
To make it even worse, there’s a heartbeat sound effect before we were ‘tossed’ away, and to be honest it’s like you’re watching Insidious (you know the ghost will appear soon but STILL).

9. Rabbit River
We took this after Helix because Chloe needed some time to relax hahaha. And so basically people just had to sit back and relax, while during the journey there are some rabbit dolls as decorations. Why Rabbit? Why not.

No actually it’s because Liseberg’s Mascot is a rabbit. I guess. Ugh I don’t know.

And now that you’re finished reading the review, I have a 6mins video about the whole theme park so that you can somehow get the idea about the rides!
But please bear with my voice and face (sometimes I can’t control it lol), and that I couldn’t record myself when taking the rides because it’s prohibited (I’m too busy screaming/laughing anyway).

Oh and btw, there are so many booths where you can try your luck by choosing numbers (you pay for it, of course) and if yours is out, then you can get a Toblerone or M&M or any other candies/chocolates for TWO-freaking-KILOGRAMS.
Can you imagine that? If I got that I wouldn’t buy any food for the rest of my days in Sweden. (ok this is too much)
Chloe and I decided to try because there were a lot of people who got more than 1 prize. And while some people won at their first try………. we were just simply unlucky.

Liseberg has been so amazing and I’m so glad that I managed to give a visit before I’m going home. And now, the rides in Disneyland or Ocean Park Hong Kong or Universal Studios may not be as scary as they’re used to be. cz49
Except for the swing ride. That one is scary as hell.

As the mainstream quote says, life is a roller coaster—there are ups and downs, you just need to enjoy the ride… (I just googled roller coaster quote HAHA) So yeah, I hope you guys will also experience thrilling/amazing rides in your life!


Gothenburg, Sweden
May 28, 2016.

Special thanks to Chloe for bearing with me (4 roller coasters got her enough) ahahahaha love u you’re the best!