Barcelona and Its Beauty

Hola! Adiós! Gracias!

(the only Spanish I know, HAHA)

Okay, let’s get to the main point. I was in Barcelona last week and now I’m gonna tell you what’s so beautiful about this city.

Beauty #1: FOOD.
Paella [spelling: paˈeʎa]. It’s an original Spanish food (I guess), and it’s so good. It’s like sticky, kinda-fried rice with thick sauce and meat/seafood on top.

But personally, Paella is not my favourite tho.
Anyway. I also found a gelato cafe who serves matcha, I repeat, a freaking matcha flavour. (they called it: tea flavour, but oh well)

Oh and of course I tried churros! Despite the fact that churros is from Spain, me and Betsy had a hard time finding it. It took us almost an hour to find a churros cafe… And I’m pretty sure that it was not even the best one. BUT STILL. That chocolate was bae.

Lastly, there’s a market called La Boqueria and it was super crowded because it became a tourist attraction. They mainly sell meat, fruits, and juice. A perfect timing because I’m trying to be healthy so I got one:


Beauty #2: brunch in a pretty little cafe.
There’s a tiny cafe on the corner of the street where we had our brunch. I guess it might be so popular among locals/tourists because after 20mins we sat, people started to line up.
Guess what I ordered…
An EPIC Cheesecake in a Flower Pot! (literally what’s written on the menu)
I actually anticipated it because I wonder how EPIC the cheesecake would be.

It’s kinda sad that the cheesecake is not in a ‘solid’ form, you know, it’s like I’m eating yoghurt.
But anyway. Do you think this one is epic? Maybe. At least it’s so eye-catching, even this dog decided to stop by my table.

I was actually posing for a picture with the food and the cafe, when suddenly this golden came and placed his face on my table. And so I patted him and told him I wanted to take a picture first, but he didn’t move and literally looked into my eyes—maybe he thought that I’m gonna feed him a cheesecake. Meanwhile, his owner was nearby and kept calling him, saying some Spanish and so this cutipie moved away.
Now that I think about it… maybe I should’ve talked to him in Spanish as well.

Beauty #3: Every place is so artsy.
From Cathedrals and simply a wall inside Pull&Bear store:

By the way, we were so shocked that the entrance fee for some artsy building (like Casa Milà and Casa Batlló) cost about €20. I mean, okay… First, I’m not a person who understands art, or fancy it like an expert. I basically will just take a picture or two in one spot. Second, I know that arts should be appreciated and I don’t mind paying… but not for over €20, which I will be staying just for 30-45mins. Third, I’m broke. I’d rather use the money to buy food or shop.
[artsy people please don’t take this personally hahaha it’s just me being so clueless about art. and broke. so yeah. peace yo.]

OH and btw, I was so annoyed by the fact that Sagrada Familia was under construction. Like, half of it was renovated (even one of the towers, see?). Ugh, I saw some postcards with this building and it’s just magnificently beautiful. SADDDDD

Beauty #4: Park Güell
This place is my favourite. Apparently it’s everyone’s favourite too, so they say it’s better to book the entrance ticket online, because sometimes it can be sold out.
But then we couldn’t purchase it online so we went there pretty early, around 8:30AM, and it was just nice.


This mainstream spot was not occupied by other tourists yet. Sooo I managed to have a picture there peacefully, HAHA.
The tourist groups came at around 9 and they turned this place into a sea of people. Some of them literally just sat there and did nothing……. uh, maam, the place where you sitting at is the ultimate spot and there are like, another 50 people wanting to take a photo there. Duh.

By the way, this lizard was the highlight, I guess. Just like any other corner in Park Güell, it’s an amazing work by Gaudí. This was my lucky shot tho—within 2 seconds, in between one person finished taking picture and another one was ready, and so on.



Beauty #5: Arc de Triomf and Parc de La Ciutadella

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This beautiful palace that looked soooo classy because it’s all in golden colour. Oh, and it was so hot at that time, it made us think that it would be perfect to throw ourselves to the lake.


Beauty #6: hundred shades of grey
I’m not sure if this can be called as a beauty but… anyway. So I happened to see an instagram photo at this place, where a girl sits down and is surrounded by the birds. Plus, the camera might be so pro that everything else except them are all blur. SO KEWL.

SO. I was so motivated to have a photo like that. But it was harder than I thought…

I was so frustrated that the birds didn’t wanna stay close to me….. like, everytime I was tiptoeing and about to sit down, they slowly walked away. Slowly. I felt like they were saying, ugh this girl is here c’mon guys lets go. Them mean girls birds. #YouCantSeatWithUs

Okay, I know it’s all because I don’t have any food with me. Ha. Even birds only come when they need something.
In conclusion: food is all we need.

[Fyi, if you were there, you’d see hundreds of them birds and I don’t know about you but somehow, after staying there for a while, I felt a bit disgusted…. like, they looked like greyish-thingy moving around and were so fragile. Ok, it’s not that I hate them…. Even Betsy felt the same; she didn’t want a single picture LOL

I’m pretty sure that there are actually other beauties of Barcelona that I haven’t seen or experienced yet—but to me, this trip was already amazing.

Adiós for now, guys! I’m heading to Austriaaa 61f1bb89648f099428143a3e6278f697
Have a good week ahead, x


Barcelona, 29-31/05