Hej då, Sweden.

July 15th, 2016.

Hej folks!
Does it ever drive you crazy how fast the time flies? It’s been a month since the day I left Sweden, and I realize that I can no longer update you guys with #SwedenExchangeJournal. (sad)
Anyway, this post is written just because I miss Lund and every moment I’ve been through there. If it’s too cheesy for you, well, sorry….. hahahaha sometimes I’m just being too emotional.

June 15th, 2016.

Earlier today, I stood in front of my dormitory building with a backpack and a big luggage—just like the first time I got here.
That day, I remember I wanted to cry when I saw this building; both because I finally found it in such a dark and cold night, and because I had to take the stairs to third floor with a heavy luggage.
Today was a bit different. It was bright and warm, my luggage was even heavier, and I was not exactly the same person… I guess.
And just like a déjà vu, I looked at this building and I wanted to cry. This time, for a different reason.

Okay, Sheren, it’s time to go.
I said that to myself. Actually I’ve been saying that a lot today; especially when I felt like I couldn’t leave so I just sat on my bed trying to memorize every corner of my room.
And so, as I walked to the bus stop nearby, I started to think… I used to walk there when I haven’t got my bike. And even when I already got one. I remember how hard it was to run from my room to the bus stop so that I won’t miss the bus and have to wait for another 10mins.

As I took another bus from the central station to Copenhagen Airport, I was saying good bye to Lund. A little town that sometimes is just so quiet (even on weekend), where there’s only one mall and a city centre with several shops. Where most people go around by cycling or walking—taking a train to go to another city.

Some of you might be wondering, how was it to go around in Lund? What does the city centre look like? Are you always walking to go to school?
And that’s when I decided to film myself walking around in Lund.

Please note that the original reason I recorded this video is to keep Lund in my memories, that’s all. So it might not so youtube-able as a vlog, I even took so long to edit this (because I procrastinated too).
Anyway, hope you guys enjoy this 6mins long video and get an idea about Lund!



Okay, if you’re here, thanks a lot for wasting your precious 6mins hahahaha.
(you might say I’m so lebay but the truth is, I kinda feel insecure about this video thing—knowing that I have no proper camera (thanks iPhone), no significant editing skills, and no extraordinarily hilarious content).

Alright, I’m gonna keep it short.
I’d like to take the chance to thank everyone who has been part of my journey: my family, my roomie who encouraged me to go to Sweden in the first place, my Indo friends in HK who kept me updated, my #SkippiesFam, my #HongkiBuddies, my new friends I met (and later travelled around together), my Indo bro-sis in Lund, my Delphi L corridor mates, my Hillsong family, andddd them kind-hearted strangers who said hi to me or even helped me with things.

And for Lund itself, simply for being sooooo peaceful and pretty. THANK YOU. Tack så mycket!



Indonesia · 15/07/2016