To My Dearest Friends…

Singapore, summer 2016. Specially written for my most important people in my uni life: Austin and Aman.

Hi gaiiis how are you doing?
Hope you’re all doing well wherever you are.
Ok so I’m feeling a lil bit weird, writing a letter online like this (maybe because this is my first time….. Well, excluding the emails sent to a Professor).

This summer as I’m saying goodbye to Sweden (and my amazing life as an exchange student there), I’m super excited to go home and meeting you guys again in Singaporeeee! This was once just a crazy plan of ours (during Skype, was it?) and now we make it happen.

You know, it’s been 6 months since the last time I saw you guys in person and that makes me realize how I miss our unnecessary talks and unfunny jokes (yet we laugh anyway). Aman and us were just one knock away, ya Tin? Esp. when he needed the AC card at 2AM…

I always love how random things or words just popped up when we’re together. Just like when we created our slogan of this SG trip:

Come and join us.

come&join us

Don’t we look like we’re the student models who smile awkwardly for the campus brochure? If we put Come and Join Us, {insert institution name here} 2016-2017… I think we look convincing enough hahaha.

Even so, I think we did better when we take selfies.


I also love that we can explore a new place together, especially the ones that support my #whiteaddict obsession hahaha.
I think you guys know already about me having a thing with library… so thanks for teaming up and capturing me from the second floor!


And we were just like the old (mainstream) quote says, ‘best friends don’t let you do stupid things… alone’. It’s a hella crazy thing to put my phone on one corner of the bookshelf while everyone is studying and the library guard is walking around.

Come and join us (pt.2)
“This is what we do in school, basically” -Aman Middha

Seriously I think we can email this pic to our Uni, as a reference for their next promotion brochure. (should we do that?)

Another silly thing: doing what the normal tourists do when visiting the Merlion…


Even if we have to shoo away some other tourist hahaha.
Btw, Aman, you know how I’m so jealous of you being so tall—since it’s super easy to take a photo of you in this pose LOL.
Oh, and here are some ‘normal’ photos we took (just a reminder that we can be normal as well hahahha):


It also makes me so happy to go to USS with you two!!! Like, maybe it would’ve been better (and romantic) to go there with each other’s partner…… I dunno, I never experience that—but so do you hahahaha since we’re single (and happy). So let’s just say that this is my happiest theme-park visit.

Here’s a picture taken by a 10yr old kid who insisted that the word Universal is perfectly displayed.

As expected, the roller coaster rides in USS are so crazily awesome!! Well, at least for me and Austin because you, Aman, are always ‘I don’t think I’ll make it’ and ‘Guys you can go la I’ll wait there’.
Even so, I’m glad that you step out of your comfort zone, Man, and go for the Mummy roller coaster ride with us hahahaha! See, you’re still alive—congrats! You’re stronger than you think, bro.
And just like you said Tin, Aman is like a father who brings his kids to a theme park, LOL. Especially when we take the Human/Alien roller coaster (which is so crazy i feel like dying), and Aman is just sitting and taking care of our bags.
(besides, you look like you’re 28, Man. So it’s just acceptable hahaha)

ps: I still can’t believe that you did take a photo in front of the robot, making a heart-shape, alone. 

Now that you two will be leaving Hong Kong for the next semester… Every moment in Singapore makes me both happy and gloomy. Like, I’m thankful for having a chance to meet you guys for several days—otherwise, we’ll meet again in 2017 and that means I don’t see you two for a year. But then I keep thinking about, how am I gonna survive a semester in HK alone? We’ve stayed in the same dormitory building (even same floor) for the past 3 years and there’s no way that my days in HK will be the same without you guys.

Ok, I know that I shouldn’t be cheesy but you guys know sometimes I can’t help it.
I’m still mad, btw, because you two are going for exchange program in the same semester and leaving me alone. Hey, I’m gonna eat Indomie at midnight alone, ya know.
But as much as I’m sad about this, I’m so happy and excited for you two, because it’s gonna be amazing there—in Canada and Aussie! Have a lot of fun, study a little (FOR REAL), and make some incredible memories. Don’t you guys dare having a boyf/girlf ok because I don’t wanna be single alone HAHAHA. No I’m not kidding.

Let’s continue our Eating-Indomie-Together-Via-Skype tradition and keep me updated with your new world there, kay? Screw time differences, we’re gonna make it! #LongDistanceFriendship
(Ok I kinda hate it—why do I have to deal with long distance all these years….)

Lastly, let’s plan another short-trip when we’re reunited again in HK next year! And then we’re gonna graduate together and visit India for Aman’s wedding hahaha! Or maybe we can stay single till 25 and then celebrate The Trio’s Silver Anniversary of being Single, and Happy. 
I know that we won’t be the same person when we meet again but we’ll be best friends forever anywayyy. We’re stuck with each other, yay.
And let’s see if Aman can improve his selfie skills….. right, Austin?


this could be ‘Boys vs Girls changing face during selfie’ meme.

But you guys know what, these pics are my fave because omg lighting what have you done to our face ❤ hahahahaha hashtag nofilter


Looking forward to our next reunion! I’m gonna miss you guys a lot.
Sampai jumpa ❤
With loooooooove from a thousand miles away,



ps: guess I’ll have watched Kung Fu Panda until 25 times alr when you’re back lol. #justkidding #imnotantisocial #sometimesiam