The Other Side of an Abandoned Building | Hong Kong Abandoned School

Isn’t it funny, how something (or someone) can be so gorgeous yet so dangerous?

Last weekend, I got a chance to explore a not-so-HongKong area: an old building located in Kennedy Town. One highlighted point is that, this building is abandoned. It looks like just another building from outside; well, maybe a lil bit more quiet. And shabby—you can tell at a glance.

When my friends and I found the entrance door, we’re like, how on earth are we supposed to get in?
It was a glass door that had been locked by a chain and padlock, but the thing is, if you push the door until its limit, there’ll be some space for you to squeeze in.

That’s the thing with someone who’s been hurt because the other person left them. You might find out that it’s not that easy to let other people in; you’ll have this lock and chain to guard yourself.
Guess what? Sometimes, even when you have your defense ready, some people can just find a way in to your heart.
And that’s totally okay.


The first thing that came across my mind when we got inside was, heck, this is a lot scarier than what I thought. Seriously, I felt like I’m the main character in a horror movie, who innocently explores a haunted building in the name of curiosity.
This place was full of broken, unused things, covered by dust. There were scratches on the wall. And with garbage everywhere (such as, empty bottles), it clearly depicts that this building has been left this way since a long time ago.

Aren’t we the same? 
Too often you question why a person cannot stay, which eventually makes you hate yourself. Maybe I was not good enough, or maybe I was too childish—you know, those insecurities. And we keep those garbage inside our heart—mean words, bad things happened to us, or even our regret—as we’re too busy focusing on our flaws.

When we arrived at first floor, I immediately knew that this place was once a primary school building. Most of the rooms are classrooms, with blackboard, bookshelf, and a broken fan.

Ok, that fan on the floor….. Is it just me or this looks so creepy? #StayStrongMyFragileHeart


me, tryna blend in with surroundings with the “look at me, no don’t look at me” pose.

And there was a classroom with a graffiti (or should I say, calligraphy?).
Call me lebay, but I really love this one. I feel like, it tries to tell us that failing is inevitable, we even face it almost everyday.

Ok this is super random but my daily failures include: stop thinking about him, him, and him / try to sleep early everyday (which, I FAIL everyday) / be productive in one day / pay full attention in one class / have the motivation to do the laundry.

Wait, actually, I have experienced bigger failures than those I mentioned , but well… there isn’t any guarantee that life is easy anyway. So I survived.


Taking art to the next level: these are real candies, guys. I repeat. REAL CANDIES. Like, you actually can take one and eat it. Well, I planned to do it, but nah—I was appreciating the one who decorated this door HEHEHE.
Oh by the way, those are my childhood candies!!! I used to call them Permen Kelinci (The Rabbit Candy) because… there’s a rabbit on the packaging. So. Yeah.

Alright peeps, let’s move on to another cool spot.
We found a room with a white piano inside (ugh how I wish I was good at music).
And to be honest, I got a mini heart attack when I posed as if I’m playing the piano… because I pressed down the keyboards and they produced a sound. I was like, damn u still alive?

[ok thank God I didn’t wear a white gown and my hair is not super long. Or else I’ll look like Sadako trying to figure out how to play a piano]
Btw, I still have some photos of my desperate (more like, jutek) face:

Looking at those stunning artworks suddenly made me think: this place, despite its spooky atmosphere, can give the visitors something beautiful to see. So, we’ll never know the beauty in someone’s heart if we choose to see only their imperfections.
And, instead of focusing on your faults, you should realize that, there are so many good people out there that will turn the neglected parts of your heart into something impressive. 

And you know what? Even you, yourself, is a piece of art—no matter how broken your heart is.


Actually, people (mostly, pro photographers) come here because of its unique… err, edge? And since the building is an L-shaped, it was kind of an open space and there’s no guardrail, so you can actually sit there and tangle your feet.

Basically, I didn’t know whether my friend-slash-photographer, Wandri, had taken a picture or not—he didn’t even bother to count, so all I did was just sit there. And when I couldn’t bear with the heat anymore (it’s so hot i could just boil an egg on my head), I asked him whether or not he’s done taking photos (re: udah belom? x1000)
Of course I’d repeat it for several times if Wandri got no clue about what I said—in a dramatic way, like, heeeey-are-youuu-doneeee? and I’m pretty sure my voice was annoying.

Wandri and I // taken by Ray, our friend who’s afraid of height but still climb up to take this pic.

So yeah, the photographers had to take the photos from the other side—you need to climb up really high and basically the model will be super tiny if you wanna get the whole building.

there’s always a price for a good pic, rite.

left: I tried to be the photographer by taking a picture of my photographer (LOL). Turns out I can be artsy too, huh. (please just agree with me ok)
right: you can see a glimpse of the cliff where people could take photos of the whole building.


and we tried to take some photos from a different angle, too.

Sometimes, a person whose heart is ‘abandoned’ will build this entire thrilling-yet-amazing shelter, for their own protection. Even after you let other people in, you kinda give them some limitations—if they’re not careful, they’re done. It’s a space that you created because you have no idea how things will end. 

But imagine if you are the one who currently is wonderstruck by someone else’s beauty. 
Gosh, this happens to me a lot. Like, I find this guy interested, and as I get close, I literally keep myself wide awake. Despite the things that magnetized me, I decided not to fall—for I know he might not be willing to catch me. 
Damn, a person can indeed be so beautiful and dangerous at the same time.
[ps: in the end, I still linger around ‘the building’—classic, I know.]

and guys, you might think that some photos of me look super gloomy and depressed… but it’s just the concept ok. Deep inside I’m still a happy kid.
Look at me playing hide-and-seek with my friend.

Seriously, you need to believe me.
Even when we were at the rooftop, I was the only one who’s so excited about this cute hopscotch in Chinese number. I mean, really. It’s been forever since the last time I played this game with my neighbours. I feel old now.
Besides, c’monnn, isn’t it so cute? Them pastel colours tho, omg.

Sooooo, as some people have been asking me about why I never smile in my photos lately—here are some BTS pics hahaha because I actually had so much fun during the process.
(to be honest, it was so hard to maintain a smiley-face with a good-hair and less-awkward jumping pose. the picture on the right is my biggest achievement *cry*)

Not to mention that I’m not always 100% ready in every picture.
You might think I intentionally closed my eyes in this photo, like I was tryin to be artistic or whatevs…… but in fact, I just blinked.
Like, why did I blink at the exact second my friend clicked the shutter release button? Damn, now I look like a sleepyhead. Like, I was sleepwalking. Or sleep-posing.

Ok, i need to stop—let’s just look at more photos at the rooftop. (wow it rhymes!)
I proudly announce that I took the photo on the left: it took so much effort for Mr. Photographer to climb up and sit there (he couldn’t even face the camera as his legs were shaking hahaha!).
And the guy on the other photo… of course it’s not Wandri—it’s a stranger who effortlessly walked there. Maybe he got an excellent body balance. Or he just believes he can fly… We never know.

I just realize that, this one is my first post about Hong Kong—first one ever, since I came here 3 years ago. And even if this place is not a typical HK, I’m glad I had the chance to explore the urban area (I’ll never go to this place alone, no matter how independent and adventurous I am).

And most of all, I’m glad that in such a place like this, I could have an idea to write.
Please note that all the writings in green are just my opinion; more like, sudden-thoughts, based on personal experience (HEHE). So what I wrote about this brokenhearted-thingy is not a stereotypical judgement, everyone might have gone through something different. 🙂

peace love and gaul,

Hong Kong · September 2016
Special thanks to: Wandri and Ray (you guys rock!)