Life of a (Clueless) Final Year Student

There’s this thin line between aiming to make the most of your final year and  feeling like giving up the whole thing because you’re. just. tired.

With one homework due this Saturday, two upcoming midterms on Monday and one on Tuesday—I’ve decided to write something! You know, when you have so many things to do (you don’t even know where to start), you just want to escape.
This time, instead of taking nap(s), I choose to write.

Life of Sherroll (during the first 2 months in 2017)

My weekend starts on Wednesday evening.

But I have a 9AM class for 3 days in a row—even my Monday ends at 9PM—so I feel like dying.
   How did you arrange your schedule?
   I even have a class on Saturday! So jealous of you…
   Why are you so free?
Okay…….. in fact, I take 18 credits (6 subjects) this semester. And for a sleepyhead like me, it was so hard to wake up before 9 and stay awake in class every Mon to Wed. Even my weekend doesn’t feel like weekend anymore because I end up sleeping till noon.
So yeah, I’d say, I’m so pretty free, but mostly I’m physically and mentally exhausted—I guess some people are.

That “What are your plans after graduation?” question.

You know what, who knows what the future will bring—anything can happen in a blink of an eye. One day you’re fixed on your job offer, next thing you know you sign a contract to be a movie actor.
Ok I should cut the crap—what I’m trying to say is, I don’t know what to say. Simply because, my plans are just like earphones that are once kept in a pocket: kusut.
(It’s like solving an integral question to untangle them.)
   Okay, but will you stay in Hong Kong or go back home?
   Are you finding jobs or applying for studies?
   I mean, it’s just 3 months away till you finish school…


Finding jobs is not that easy. 

My inbox has been filled by notifications of job postings, career fairs, and CV building—to the point that it’s so overwhelming. I was once spent like, a day, looking for job openings on LinkedIn. Am I proud of myself? Ofkors.

Because you just don’t apply to any job, right… you’re finding the right one for you—industry, position, location. Especially when you have this International Student Package: zero level in Cantonese and need a working visa.
   So you’ve applied for jobs. Where, in Hong Kong?
   How many have you applied so far?
   Check out this website, you can find any job there!
   Just click apply! You’ll get one for sure!
(secretly running away from this conversation, bye)

That one horror unemployment story…

This situation can happen anywhere, with anyone. Mine usually takes place when I’m eating with some people and (most of the time) the topic shifts to job application.
   My friend graduated with a high GPA
and he couldn’t get a job directly.

   That smart guy applied for 50+ jobs,
and still no reply.
(secretly shutting down my ears)
Because to be honest, I can get easily demotivated. It takes so much effort to sit and think about how my future should be then start screening job openings… but yea, I mean, if they’re the smart guys but still had a hard time finding (the right) jobs, then what about a potato like me.

When those encouraging words randomly popped into my mind.

For almost 4 years in the university, I have attended some workshops and employability seminars. Basically the speakers’ positive sayings seem true to me… until I begin to enter this job-hunting phase.
   Your grades don’t define your intelligence. 
   Most employers will look more on your personality.
   You can just apply, we’re an international firm.
In the end, your GPA is just a number.

Thanks, but that one number that doesn’t define my intelligence will be the first screening criteria in many applications and i publicly announce that it’s falling.

I know I’m not the only one.

While there lots of people who seem to have a bright future or a fixed plan right after graduating… there are also some others who still have no idea.

People: What about you guys, any plans this summer?
My friend and I: *smile and shrug*
Me       : Er… maybe go for Master degree.
Friend : Or try to get a job.
Me       : Or get married.

(LOL-ing because, getting married is even more impossible because I’m always single)
(Now I secretly wish my future partner is doing well in school and is one of those whose future is bright) #ntap

Did I mention about keeping my social life lively?

As if planning my career and studying are not wearying enough, I feel like I need to socialize. I used to go around HK, finding a cute cafe and snap what I’m eating. Or having TGIFs every Friday night.
But now my friends and I are always occupied—some of them even have a final year project. The thought of eating outside Kowloon area (where the Uni is), seems tiring already. We can’t always watch a movie because our schedules sometimes clash.
But anyway.
I still fancy the moment we’ve spent together—in canteen, in the park near my friend’s house, going for McDonald’s breakfast at 8:30AM, studying in the common room until 2AM, and grocery shopping together.
Because other than sitting in a lecture hall and staying up in a library until 1AM, I think I’m gonna miss the time I spent with my friends the most.

Dr Seuss: Sometimes you don’t have the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. 


Que sera, sera.

Whatever will be, will be.

I once said to myself: I will not let myself hanging without any plans after graduation, I’ll make sure to get a job before that.

I should’ve warned Future Sheren (re: Me, now) that, gurrrl this positivity ain’t gonna be there forever.

So yea, being a final year student is actually a bit complicated because you can’t wait to be done with school but you know you’re going to miss it.
Little did you know that sometimes what feels like the end is often the beginning.
(Me: ok time, you need to chill… please slow down bcs i’m not ready)
—even more complicated.

People: So, what now? Any plans after graduating?
Me: You know, I’ve come to a conclusion that I’m just gonna live in the present despite all these uncertainties about my future. Of course, in the meantime I’ll still plan about my future career path and draw possible measures***, but I will just do my best for now and making good memories in the remaining 3 months of University.

(giving applause for myself just because my answer is wise enough… I guess)
*** just in case my parents read this

This writing is basically a super biased point of view, okay, so not every situation can happen to your life as well. I have no intention to offend anyone as I’m writing just to release my stress. 🙂

If you’re in year 1: it’s still a long way to go… chill guys
If you’re in year 2 or 3: lol your time will come
If you’re in final year: HEY GUYS high five if you’re also experiencing this! If not, then good for you;)

Anyway, no matter what year you’re in, if you’re reading this, THANK YOU GUYS.


Hong Kong • March 2, 2017
(ps: Happy Bieber’s Day! ❤ )