Another 22 Random Facts about Sherroll

You don’t know about me—but I bet you want to. #SherrollsFeelin22

1. I think I am that 1% of the population who doesn’t eat sushi.

Simply because I don’t really eat raw food. People be like, how can you live without sushi? and but there’s sushi that isn’t raw. Still, I don’t feel like trying because I have this mindset of Sushi-Is-Raw and I’m not tempted to eat sushi. #22yearsWithoutSushi

2. I usually eat a (plain) burger piece by piece.
Yeah, so I will start eating the burger from the upper bun, then the meat, and finally the last bun. Usually in McDonald’s Indo, I can easily request a burger without mayonnaise and veggie, but I’m just too lazy to explain here in HK. So in the end, I will get a complete burger and end up sacrificing my fries to get rid of the mayonnaise. #PoorFries

3. Everytime I say my favorite food is pizza, I lie.
Back in early 2000s, girls in my school had this ‘diary’ that we usually passed around and people would write about their bio. Mine pretty much was always like this:

But to be honest, I wrote pizza there because 1) everybody writes pizza, 2) pizza is only 5 words and is easy to write, and 3) it’s an international food. Back then you’re much cooler if you write English words and eat foreign food. I mean, you can’t just write, fave food: ayam goreng (fried chicken) or nasi goreng ikan asin  (fried rice with salted fish).
In conclusion, no, I don’t like pizza that much. I like eating pizza until the second slice only, as the third one no longer feels good. But my true favourite food has been always ayam goreng & kangkung (morning glory veggie).

4. I like the smell of new paint and Pentel liquid correction pen.
Not really extreme tho. I only like the smell of a fresh paint, and yea I sometimes slowly inhale the smell of the correction pen when using it hahaha.

5. I recently bought a green tea toothpaste.
And it tastes terrible. I mean, I do love green tea and matcha; from ice cream and cookies to body lotion and perfumed tissue. But this toothpaste makes me feel like I wanna puke everytime I brush my teeth.

6. I was once a fangirl of Manchester United.
To the point that I made my bed linen all red (with Red Devils Logo included). It all started when I joined my friends playing soccer several times. And as mainstream as it could be, Cristiano Ronaldo was my bias that CR7 posters were all over my wall. #GGMU

7. My favourite Disney Princess is Sleeping Beauty.
Er, no specific reason, but back then I preferred long-haired princess and Aurora looked so pretty. And also Aurora’s reactions were more or less like me:

1. when I was about to sleep and suddenly remember all the things I should do: holy crap… do I really deserve this 
2. when I try to finish a conversation: can you just shut up
3: me when people say I should be less sassy: *respond dramatically*
4: when I dramatically want to announce a good news or a plan: alright, guysss


8. I love men’s perfume.
My mom & friends are always surprised whenever I smell women’s perfume and say, ugh this smells so girly. And actually:
– I secretly add plus points for guys who smells good.
– I feel like men’s perfume smells so masculine. Not every perfume, of course—I don’t like vanilla, so I usually buy the ones that are fresh or cool. (Yes, I always buy men’s perfume, I’m so weird)
– I once stood beside a stranger in an elevator and I really loved his perfume, so when we got off on the same floor, I secretly walked behind him so I could smell the perfume. (Ok I look even weirder now)

9. My first men crush was Hua Ze Lei (花澤類).
Pretty sure that was the first time I ever considered someone so handsome. I was head over heels for this Taiwanese Drama, Meteor Garden, to the point that I collected every merchandise like mug, pencil case, posters.

Left: Basically my childhood idols. All I wanted to do was to grow up faster for them LOLLL #F4Foreva
Middle: It was kinda too early for me for a kissing scene, but yea it gave me goosebumps (I think I screamed at this scene). I dunno why that girl was so chill, if it were me I’d be dead.
Right: 10 year-old me was blown away by that smirk, fyi. I mean, just look at it.

10. I used to play PlayStation with my brother—a lot. 
And mostly I played Dynasty Warriors and Yu-Gi-Oh!. But my all-time favourite game was Tekken 4. I remember my character was always Ling Xiaoyu and Panda (so lame LOL), I hated Heihachi Mishima (just because he’s always at the last stage), and I secretly had a crush on Jin Kazama because he-is-so-hot.

11. I don’t like being on the phone.

Sometimes I intentionally wait until the caller stop calling, and then in a minute I’ll text them: heyyy sorry I missed your call, wassup?

12. I always get so anxious whenever I hold a tray with plates/bowl and glass on it.
From the food pick-up counter to my seat, it feels like the longest 30secs in my life. I keep thinking about, what if I bump into someone? What if I suddenly trip over my feet? Omg this tray is heavy I’m tired.


13. I am obsessed with books.
I always love to smell it everytime I get a new one—a textbook, novel, or empty notebook. And I will feel an instant happiness if I like the smell of the paper. Also, I will constantly stroke the paper while reading. I need to feel the touch.

14. In 2009 my passion was all about photo-editing.
Seriously, I felt like I was the coolest kid ever, with likes over 30 on each photo on Facebook (it was pretty good at that time right). But now, I have to admit that it’s so embarrassing. I don’t even know what I was doing.

When I was in love with Kim Bum, an actor who played the Korean version of Meteor Garden. Just, look how desperate I was… I couldn’t even crop my face properly HAHA

Or when I decided to create a poll by asking which one is better, purple or green.

And when I even claimed a stranger as a killer (which now looks so creepy to me LOL) but it’s just so weird, I mean, I was holding two cupcakes oh my god seriously.

15. I actually cannot peel an orange perfectly.
No kidding. At first I thought this one should be easy… but I can’t even do it without squeezing the orange. But it’s hard, right? I can’t be the only one.

16. I’m such a crybaby.
Like, I don’t normally cry when it comes to heartbreak, but tears falling down freely whenever I watch dogs being rescued video on Facebook. #WEIRDO
I was once on a date and this guy asked me if I wanted to watch Doraemon the movie. I remember I said no because I didn’t wanna cry (hysterically) in front of him LOL. And yea in the end I watched Doraemon alone in my room, wasted a box of tissue.

17. I can’t sleep in a complete darkness.
It was my 17th birthday. That night I entered my room and it was a complete dark, then I turned on the light, and 5 seconds later I saw a Kuntilanak (typical woman ghost: long-haired, white gown), sitting on my bed. I swear it was so scary that I didn’t have the courage to scream—though that was part of the prank and the ghost was just my friend.
But yeah, since then I can’t really sleep with the lights off.

18. I don’t drink coffee. 
And I can’t really stand the smell of it. So yea I always order matcha latte in any coffee shop.

19. I name some of my things.
Cemi, my bolster that has been with me since I was a kid. My beanie is called Jerry (because it’s a mouse’s face). Jeruk (orange, in Indonesian), for my neon orange sweater. And Kardus (box, in Indonesian) for my bag because it has a rectangular shape like a box.

20. Currently watching: 13 Reasons Why (Netflix series)
And it has this depressing vibes, you know. It could be the story, the character, or even the fact that it is happening to some people in real life. But it doesn’t stop me from watching tho; I even give up k-drama for it. So yeah, I love it. Maybe you can watch it yourself, and we can talk about it so it’d be less depressing.
(ps: I just hate all the characters LOL)

21. The tale behind the name.
I came up with @SHERROLL in 2009 when I first created my Twitter account, and it is pronounced sher-roll not she-roll. But actually it was all started long before that…….. when I once took a selfie with a hair roll. Seriously.

Apparently I was confident enough to put this photo for my profile picture (some people did like and comment, tho… they’re just kind LOL).


22. If I could go back to grade 12, I’d choose to go to medical school.  
When I was young, most of my friends would answer doctor, teacher, or pilot, whenever we were asked about our dream job. Yet I always said I wanted to be a catwalk model (YEAA like for real). And then I grew up and realized that I couldn’t get any taller…
I moved on and decided  that I wanted to be an artist—the one who paints with brush (traditionally, not electronically).
Then I enrolled to science classes so I was pretty sure that my dream job was to be a doctor, or not really—since I always sucked at Biology classes. Besides, I was a bit afraid of blood. So I almost gave up that dream, though my late grandpa always believed in me, saying, “you surely will be a doctor, I know you’ve studied hard”. But when he passed away even before I graduated high school, he left me heartbroken and I couldn’t be someone who suddenly gains confidence and is determined to become a doctor (just like in any inspiring movie).
So yea if I could rewind the time I’d tell my younger self to throw the negativity away and go to med school.

I finally made it!
This is actually harder than I thought, you know; to think and write about random facts that most people don’t think about. I feel like I don’t really know myself hahaha

Anyway, if you’re reading this, THANK YOU ya guysss! Chances are, you genuinely wanna know more about me, you accidentally clicked on the link, or you’re just bored so you need something to read. HEHE.
But still terima kasih! ❤

Have a nice day x

21 April 2017 • Hong Kong