4 Years and 101 Dramas Later

“Out of all thousand possibilities in this world, our encounter stands out so special.” 

I’ve felt thankful for some people— that one stranger who lent me an eraser during an exam, that one friend who drove me to airport at 6AM, or that colleague who buys lunch for me when I’m stuck at work.

But some other people mean more than that. I know, I don’t feel this every minute, but sometimes when we’re together, the thought comes to my mind – what if I didn’t come to Hong Kong in the first place and didn’t meet them at all? 

It was 2013, freshman year, when I met these two guys, and we were nothing like these inspiring BFF stories and teenlit novel. I honestly didn’t have this instant feeling of us being inseparable. But that’s the funniest thing about the life: it’s best when it’s unexpected.

Sometimes I wonder why we became best friends. But then I wonder what my life would be if we are not.
Because I’ve always thought that we are three different souls, trapped in these weak bodies (which is why we could spend the entire weekend doing nothing LOL). But I am glad that we really can count on each other. That we can tell everything to each other without the fear of being judged. That we can handle each other’s drama. That we know each other too well so not everything has to be in words (well, a glance tells it all).
Most importantly —

That nothing really changes,
even after we’ve seen
each other’s worst
That we know sometimes
we are not as we seem,
but still having our best

So, 4 years and 101 dramas later, here we are.
Young enough to plan adventures around the world, old enough to handle adulthood responsibilities. Careless enough to fight over something not so important, thoughtful enough to talk about life goals and hang-out plans where we would bring our kids.

Here’s to many more trips, dinner plans, and (of course) life dramas, in 2018.

(just in case you wanna know us and our friendship better — in 10 mins, hehe).
With a warm heart in this cold weather,

Dec 9th, 2017.