Two Thousand and Eighteen

Believe me – I’m amazingly good at procrastinating. From little things like doing laundry/washing the dishes, to my 2018 resolution of regular writing.

So let me just walk you through my 2018 as it comes to an end — my first and last writing this year.


The month I was still filled with “New Year, New Me” bullshit so I signed up for gym membership.

Salesman: so this account will be valid till 2020. Are you still gonna be in Hong Kong?

Me: (holy crap i didn’t expect this, who on earth is so sure about the future anyway?!) uh… yes. I guess?


I’ve spent most Chinese New Year holidays away from HK, either in Indo or overseas. This time, my photographer friends and I went to Taiwan for a short getaway.

Unlike my typical touristy trips, we went to “urban instagrammers” go-to places. Talking about rooftoping and chasing lights (in a literal way lol).

^ look at how awesome the photos turned out. Thanks to @rover_lust and @setarboy!

Also me, being mainstream, finally succeeded to stroll around touristy area.


Ok disclaimer: I’m not so good at drinking (cough) but I ain’t that bad either.

And then suddenly there was this group, Satu Minum Minum Club — some kind of anti social social club but, satu minum = one drink. Because, obviously how could these guys just have one?

(left: Mike, Justin, me, Felix #fullteam // right: felix taking a pic of me taking a pic of soju at 2am)


I kinda regret that I didn’t write “23 random facts about Sherroll” for my birthday this year, LOL. But I don’t think I have any other facts left 😂


This word could mean anything, but for me – particularly this month – it’s about missing a chance to do something and missing some people memories.

Would you agree if I say, missing someone without the courage to say it, is the worst feeling ever?

And then you’ll start thinking, do I miss the person or do I just miss the moment?

It’s the worst.


If you’re a frequent reader or heysherroll, you’ll know that I have this annual summer trip with Aman and Austin. This time, we decided to take our Indian friend to our homeland – Bali.

Not the kind of Bali trips that y’all probably imagine; we mostly eat, chill and sleep (on the car lol).

Some highlights: We walked out at midnight to find nasi goreng, watched TV till late night, Aman being proud for saying “Terima kasih” (way to go with your vocabs, dude), and me forcing these aunty and uncle to chill at mainstream cafes: Mexicola and Potato Head.

But I’d say, our dinner at Jimbaran — good food, sands and sound of the waves, under the stars — made us realize that as long as we’re together, it doesn’t really matter where we are going.

October — GRIEVING

On Sunday night, while standing in front of a bookstore before heading out for dinner with Austin, my mom texted me.

“Pho pho has left us.”

Honestly it’s been a while since I felt this my-heart-just-dropped feeling. I didn’t cry when I said to Austin I’m booking a flight for the next day.

I didnt cry when I packed my things, when I worked half day before rushing to the airport, when I was on the plane.

On the last day of the ceremony, a relative came to me and said, “she’s happier now so don’t be sad”.

I cried. And for that reason, I’m letting her go.

December — INVESTING

My friend Aman told me once that our investment in time and person, is what really matters.

Looking back, we have been making investments in our friendship: Aman helped to iron Austin’s interview clothes, Aman learned to how to take instaworthy pics, Aman took care of the drunken us (precisely, me. HAHA) anddd the list goes on…

Yea, I know. You guys would say, seems like it’s Aman who’s making the effort.

That’s also true, but earlier this month, Austin and I got the privilege to attend Aman’s big day.

I needed to be in the office at 8am, left at 11:30am to run crossing the island, arrived at the ceremony at 12ish, ate a bread that Austin bought for me, documented Aman & his fellows, and ran back to the office at 1:20 as I got a meeting at 2pm. I made it — 1:59pm, no joke.

Everything was worth it when I got the chance to witness Aman, walking on the stage for 30secs.

Now that’s a real investment. (Please just agree with me)

December — COMING HOME

Lastly, one of the best moments this year is to come home. Being able to spare some days (work gmail off!), and being a part of my brother’s important day…

… it felt simply heartwarming. It felt like home.

2018 was a rollercoaster ride — I’ve been waiting to say this: thank u, next.

Jakarta • 31/12/2018, 11:30pm