Beppu — first time trying the Onsen | honest review

Our main goal for this particular trip is only to try the hot springs, as it is what Beppu is known for.

I was not surprised when we first arrived here and discovered another quiet, little town. I love it actually – having worked and lived in Hong Kong for some years, I become more appreciative towards space, quietness, and calmness.

On our way to the Onsen place, we walked on a (super) quiet neighbourhood where there are only 1 or 2 people walking by. Ugh… I just cannot express how I love this very Japanese like houses. \(◕ ◡ ◕\)(/◕ ◡ ◕)/
By the way – that day I looked like a tourist 100% because of the way I dressed. 

After grabbing some food for lunch, we decided to take a taxi to the Onsen place since it’s quite far…. and because we couldn’t figure out where the bus stop is. I know, right – it was not a city with complicated transportation hub but even google map failed us ( ̄ー ̄)

We decided on Hyotan Onsen based on our democratic discussions (re: typed Top 10 Onsen in Beppu on google & picked the most  recommended one). But really though, it’s not that simple — we chose the one that is not too far and offers private hot springs (some kind of family room?). Because obviously I could not just be in a hot springs tub with strangers…

We chose the package and how long we’d like to stay (<2 hours), and then we headed to our private house! 

Honest review: The house was clean and it has a living room (more like, a changing room for us) in a separate area from the Onsen. As a first timer, I could say it’s super relaxing (especially if it was winter time!). I guess it’s also because I was there with my friends in a private room – I won’t be bothered about other strangers being in the same pool and we could be loud without being judged HAHA.

We then stopped by a small coffee shop in the neighbourhood before heading back to Hakata. By the way – that was not our train but look at how cute it was! Even the locals are taking pictures in front of it lol.

Anddd that concludes our first Onsen experience! I honestly would like to go back here and try other Onsen places – I heard some of them offer accommodation and fancy restaurant. 
For now, we’re happy enough with this short trip!


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