DAZAIFU — and our adventure in Kimono | where to rent?

We’ve never heard of Dazaifu before – we’ve only seen this city in a brochure when we walked by a tourist info centre in Hakata. 
But we’re glad that we finally made it here; our last adventure in Japan — in Kimono!

Our sole purpose in Dazaifu is actually to stroll around in Kimono, so we immediately checked the Kimono rental shop after we booked  our slot online. (click here to check them out)

I chose Kimono over Yukata, even tho the lady was like, is this girl being serious. She explained that in summer, usually people wear Yukata because it has less layers of fabric. But I thought, I’m here all the way from HK? Let me suffer! So there goes my adventure with 3-layers Kimono + socks! 
ps: No photos allowed inside the room so I couldn’t really show their collection! But they’re all really pretty.

I gotta admit that, I love love love wearing Kimono. It made me feel like I’m more of a lady – ok, I always believe that womanhood is not defined by fabrics and fashion. But what I’m saying is, when wearing Kimono, I just love the instant classy feeling of a traditional Japanese woman — maybe because I walk slower and I sit more politely LOL.

Anyway. Before we began, we stopped by 7/11 to buy some drinks and made everyone there stare at us, but tried to act normal. 😂

We then strolled around Dazaifu Tenman-gū Shrine. It was actually really nice to walk around the temple in Kimono, as if we were thrown back to the old era. Just like most shrines, there was temizuya, where visitors perform purification ritual. 
By the way! In the temple, I picked one random o-mikuji, a fortune-telling paper strips.

^ writing prayers and wishes 

We took our family portrait in front of a picturesque pond near the entrance — thanks to this stranger who found a perfect composition between the pond, the trees, the ground, and us, LOL.

#TheUncles first family portrait in Kimono!

“I look like I’m wearing a hotel bathrobe with a pouch…” — Aman Middha, 24, on his choice of Yukata (not Kimono).

Fun fact: when writing this post, I found out that the pond was built in Japanese character “heart” shaped, and the bridge represents a path between the past and the future. It’s so cool, right?! I didn’t expect that this pond has such a deep meaning. 🤯

There was also a small village around the temple where locals sell souvenirs, handmade crafts, ice cream and cold drinks. I visited Starbucks (with their aesthetic design) but I chose matcha gelato to beat the heat 😀

^ by far my most favourite vending machine photo 😀

We changed our Kimono because we didn’t feel like eating while wearing it — I mean, there’s a possibility of me tripping or someone else accidentally spill their drinks / food. In short, we wanted to avoid paying extra fee if we returned the Kimono unclean hahaha. 

The restaurant where we had our late lunch (or early dinner), was very Japanese. The food was ok, maybe because we’re also hungry at that point.
And before we headed back to our home, I found a little shop that sells Yuzu drink. It’s so goodddd (and perfect for summer).

My first Kimono experience was in Kyoto in 2015 – where almost everyone dressed in it because it’s kinda a tourist spot. But this one was different and even more special because: 1) there were not many tourists around; you could see in previous photos that people dressed ‘normal’ lol so the ones in kimono really stand out, 2)  I got to do this with my closest friends!!! ❤

Finally, we’re here at the end of #TheUnclesGetaway – as I mentioned before, we agreed that this is our most productive trip so far; and partly thanks to Dazaifu day trip!

Thank YOU for following our journey this far 🤗💖

Here’s to making more memories in life,


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