HAKATA –– and the vibrant neighbourhood of Fukuoka

The moment we got here, I instantly fell in love with how everything takes place: a bustling city centre (still a little less crowded compared to Tokyo), a quiet neighbourhood with historical sites, and random, aesthetic building in the corner.

Hakata was our basecamp for this trip as it’s literally the centre of everything – biggest JR and metro stations, malls, and airbnb.

^ I really loved our clean and spacious condo (YES, space is a luxury for us! The middle picture was taken from the loft) – check out Trip Pod. Also the receptionist gave us Japanese alcohol as welcome drink. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

We strolled around the neighbourhood as we got nothing on our itinerary (not surprised) – and look how aesthetically pleasing the buildings are!

At around 4pm, we managed to visit Kushida-jinja Shrine. I’m not so sure if this is a tourist attraction – temples and shrines are located in the middle of the city, just like they’re also part of the local life. Clearly the charm of this place is not any less.

By the way, I have found my new obsession: vending machines!💁🏻Keep reading to find more vending machines photos during this entire trip 😀


Besides shopping malls and retail stores (like Tokyu Hands – absolute favourite), the main highlight for Fukuoka is Ichiran Ramen, which first opened in 1960 in this part of Japan! But I gotta say the flavour remains the same (in an amazing way), like the ones I usually eat in Hong Kong. tuzki11

Lastly, on our last day before going back to Hong Kong, we strolled around Kawabata Shopping Arcade and spotted a Kazariyama floats in the making. We later found out that they were preparing for Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival, held every summer, where 7 districts are competing. 

kazariyama floats: 10 meters tall, weighs 2 tons

ps: there are many Japanese drug stores in this shopping arcade, where you can find affordable Japanese skincare & make up. 

And that’s it for Hakata – here are some random snapshots by me, on a nice & chill evening 💖



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