KUMAMOTO — ONE DAY TRIP |feat. Kumamon everywhere

This was the day when Aman, Austin and I decided to do vlogging to show what’s there in Kumamoto. No particular reason actually – but the other day we talked about being youtubers and how it somehow became a trend.
Let’s see how it turned out!

Kumamoto is 2 hours away from our home in Hakata, by Shinkansen (the bullet train). We directly went to a shopping arcade, since we didn’t feel like going to to see the Kumamoto Castle, but also didn’t really have any plan (not surprised hehe).

^ another vending machine spotted!

While strolling around, we found a random building consists of internet cafe, manga stores, and games arcade… where the iconic japanese photobooths were located!!
The thing with this kind of photobooth is — filters are provided for you to appear taller or to have bigger eyes. But for me, the highlight was obviously the 3 mins inside the booth while we’re taking the shots! . 

You’ll see the fun in our vlog – so don’t skip it! (just look at how Aman refused to make a heart shape with me…)

Spotted: a giant Kumamon bear, standing awkwardly in front of the official merchandise store! LMAO this guy was so big we almost couldn’t fit our faces during selfie.

Done with strolling around, we then went to Suizen-ji Jōju-en, a traditional Japanese garden. And I swear, this place is magnificent! It almost looked like a painting, with a sound effect of the wind and the birds. 

Suizen-ji Jōju-en is just effortlessly breathtaking

I guess for some people this place would be just, another garden with shrine and temple. But again, as I’ve said several times in the previous post, we three were really appreciative of clear air, spacious green area, blue skies – pollution free. 

By the way, have I mentioned that Kumamon is the mascot of Kumamoto? This bear is literally everywhere – found in the main entrance of the garden and near the exit.

Also, the tram in Kumamoto is really cute, almost looking like a kid’s toy (can you spot the Kumamon?). There’s even a random art installation inside the train station LOL.

Alright, I’m just gonna end here and let you guys watch our amateur vlog. 

Disclaimer: when I said amateur, I really meant it  — we didn’t really prepare much and we basically have limited skills when it comes to vlogging! #ShotsOnIphone #EditedOnIphone LOL
But honestly speaking, we sometimes forgot to be ready because we were enjoying the moments! And deep inside we knew that, our purpose to make this video is for us to always come back and laugh at ourselves. #makingmemories 

Here’s to Kumamon and Kumamoto sunset.


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