Konnichiwa from The Uncles

Summer 2019.
After back-and-forth votings between Jogjakarta, Thailand, Bangka Belitung (yep, that random) — me, Austin, and Aman (aka The Uncles) decided on Fukuoka, Japan for our annual getaway.

Coming from Hong Kong, I guess I could summarize how I feel about Fukuoka and the people here*:

  • They are super friendly and they smile a lot. I was amazed on how little they look bothered in a long queue, and how they still try to answer my questions even though they’re struggling with English.
  • They don’t really talk during commute — yep, I think they are generally quiet. One night, someone knocked on our airbnb maybe because we’re too loud (we don’t know, we didn’t open the door HAHA).
  • The local ladies are dressed in a similar style. Really, it’s either t-shirt with knee-length pants, or oversized shirt with trousers. No skinny jeans, no low cut v-neck, and no mini skirts / shorts. Also, the colour pattern is very MUJI — white, navy, beige, grey and black. ISN’T IT AMAZING? I’m obsessed.

* only based on personal experiences and observations. no stereotyping intended.

Alright, let’s begin our journey!

We flew from HK to Fukuoka, and decided to stay in Hakata area. From there, we took a short trip each day — you can follow the timeline below (or not, it’s up to you!) and click the link to see where we spent our 6 productive* days.

* based on our own judgement LOL


    — and the vibrant neighbourhood of Fukuoka


    — and how we experience emotional visit to the city we used to only read in history class.


    — and its own charm being the Onsen city.


    — and Kumamon, Kumamon everywhere.


    — and our adventure in full-layered Kimono

If you’re here after finishing the entire journey, THANK YOU! I hope you can feel the excitement as much as we did 😉 if you haven’t read all the trips – you can always come back anytime.

Anyway, I’d like to share a bit: This trip meant a lot for us; yes, it’s annually happening, but this time we we’re like some tired working adults who desperately need to chill somewhere with gmail off. That’s why we originally thought we’d just book a villa with a beach view and do nothing — but look where we ended up! We agreed that this is by far the most productive #TheUnclesGetaway. 🤗🤩

To many more trips in the future,

In case you missed it — here’s our Kumamoto day trip video, recorded and edited with minimum effort LOL.