So long, WFHπŸ‘‹ Gone are the days when I could work in pyjamas lol

Hi people, it’s me.
On a typical Thursday arvo, writing a post about my recent situation: working from home. By this time, I’m pretty sure you guys are already familiar with the word WFH – it’s the new normal. 

Long story short, I worked from home for 1.5 months in March, right after my 2-weeks new joiner training. Just until recently, Hong Kong started to get better (or they thought so), so most companies resumed to work in the office… including mine. Hello again, nine-to-six weekdays! πŸ™„ 

Ok, I’d say it’s a mix feeling of relieved and anxious, also excited but then demotivated. So, I decided to dedicate this post to my #WFHdays – those glorious days I’ve always treasured.  

Anyway before I go off topic – here are 6 reasons of why I genuinely enjoyed #WFH and that it could be considered as privilege.

*Disclaimer*: this is 100% based on my personal thoughts and experience, so no stereotyping intended. Also, I have no intention to brag or complain at all. Please keep in mind that everyone is fighting their own battle, so let’s be less judgmental. 

1. I can sleep longer. 

There I said it.
I mean, as a person who’s constantly being told “you look tired”, I feel like I could be a sleeping beauty and still feel tired. I’ll never have enough sleep.

Actual footage of me after snoozing that alarm for the 3452th time:

squidward sleep

During WFH period, I don’t have to wake up so early to contemplate (should I work today?), to get ready, to commute.  I will always have the “5 more minutes” that will turn into another 30mins, and that’s totally ok lol.

Once, I *legit* woke up at 9:25 and started working at 9:30. This is because the second reason β€”

2. I don’t have the stress of standing in front of the wardrobe, thinking I have nothing to wear.

Classic Sheren.
Even after 10 mins staring at my wardrobe, I’ll probably choose the same clothes again. But hey, I can’t be the only one here? 

Me on every morning during WFH period:

gif simpson working from home

Don’t get me wrong – I love dressing up & putting some make up on (always do it for me, myself & I☺️). But getting fully dressed during WFH to build the mood… it’s not working from me. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
Of course there are days when I can go out on a weekend and wear decent clothes, since HK is never on a total lockdown. So I guess it’s like a balance of 5-days pajamas & 2-days dressing up.

3. The 8-working-hours now doesn’t feel too long. 

Honestly whenever I’m working in the office, there will be a time when I just do nothing and it feels like forever. Especially when it’s 5:48pm and I’m just waiting for the 12 minutes to pass. 

WFH is a whole different vibes. With pajamas on, snacks, and cozy bed – time flies a bit quicker. Maybe because I also write a blog post and scroll my twitter timeline? Who knows.

giphy typing petter griffin
me pretending to work during WFH
4. Only minimum socializing skill required.

Before you’re judging me β€” this has nothing to do with anyone, or any situation.

It’s just that I’m starting to realize I need some extra energy to go out and meet people, engage in a conversation. Doesn’t mean I don’t talk to people at all (I’d go crazy with the people I’m very comfortable with), but in a bigger group of people, you’ll see me slowly disconnecting.

simpson disappear gif

Thanks to WFH, surprisingly I’m getting used to not having to think where to get lunch. I won’t bump into someone I barely know and make a little talk (5 times a day), and I don’t have to respond to an awkward chitty-chatty convo*.

* “hi wassup you look tired today” … dude Iβ€”
Serious question: what do people expect from saying this to someone?
Yeah I could just agree so the convo stops there, or I could deny it and say “I put make up today how dare you?”. Or should I just share my quarter life crisis since early this year? Maybe even ask what vitamin I should take….?

5. I don’t have to commute and be exposed to a sea of people.

I’m a big fan of tram rides – just because I can slow down a little bit in this city where everyone is always in a rush. 
Normally I need around 45-60 mins from my home to the office by tram; this fact only can already make someone hates it lol.

Most of the times, I wake up too late to have a one hour commute, so I’ll take the MTR. It’s obviously faster, but taking MTR during rush hour is a total nightmare: people who insisted to stand near the door, people with giant backpack, people who think they have a good body balance but they don’t. 

commute train gif

But since the COVID-19 era started, people in HK became more aware of a thing called personal space. So I guess it’s a good sign? I’m still not a fan, though. #TeamTram 

In short: clearly WFH has helped me save money and time to commute to work.

6. Flexibility to be more productive… or not.

One time someone asked me why I prefer to work from home, “is it because you’re more productive?”. 
Yeah… right.

spongebob essay gif

I’m pretty sure we all agree that sometimes working from home gives us many distractions. Well, mine is either blogging, those books I have to finish, or simply the temptation to lie on bed. 

And now we all have different things we could really deep dive into, thanks to this WFH (or quarantine) period. I’ve seen people opened their small business, found their new passion, had fun tiktok-ing, held virtual classes, etc. (I adore you guysπŸ€©πŸ™Œ)

While it could seem a lil bit overwhelming, I think it’s always good to just  “take your time” and support each other. Everyone handles WFH/quarantine period differently anyway.

For me, I’m just happy that I finally found some time to read and write something. 😊 

Alright, if you’re still looking for some motivational quotes or positivity here… I clearly have none of that right now.πŸ˜‚ I guess living in HK is somewhat easier for me to cope with the pandemic, so I won’t really complain or try to tell you guys to be more “productive” or “positive”.

Soooo wherever you are, stay safe & healthy!

And remember, don’t be so hard on yourself.πŸ€— (I’m also trying to practice this every day)

Hong Kong β€’ 28.05.2020