JW PEI – a short review | the 90’s bag, plus it’s vegan #SHEReviews

Hello hello hello!

I know it’s been forever (at least for me), but I’m back you guys!!! This time, I’m writing in the middle of a very unproductive day, since Hong Kong is back to WFH mode again.

So I thought I’d start a new category #SHEReviews, which I will basically….. review things? And yeah I’m not sure how far this will go to be honest; whether this will be the first and last #SHEReviews or not LOL but anyway, if you never try, you’ll never know.

My first review post is about a bag that I got recently from JW PEI. πŸ₯³

Before we start, I would like to shamelessly include my recent video about this JW PEI review hahaha.

It’s just 8 minutes long but honestly guys, editing a whole video is not easy LOL I thought I’d be bald after spending days to edit this. so please kindly support me πŸ₯ΊπŸ’œ

JW PEI – a short review by sher πŸ‘œπŸ™†β€β™€οΈ

Bag: Eva Shoulder Bag in Ivory

The price: It’s discounted from HK$600 something to HK$239 (US$30.80), but I paid HK$210 in the end because I signed up for their mailing list.

By the way, the HK website doesn’t have an English version, which is kind of annoying? The universe knows how many times I tried to refresh and put jwpei.com, or directly from their ads – it’s always redirected to the hk website. πŸ™„ I’m not a fan of online shopping, so dealing with this really annoyed me lol

Shipping: it took them around 3 days to Hong Kong, and it’s free. Even though they claim that they’re LA based, I am now convinced that their factory is in China… or maybe they actually do have several factories, I dunno. As long as it’s free delivery & fast HAHAHA #budakfreeongkir

First impression: so cute! It’s giving me 90s vibes, the colour is exactly what I wanted (not too different from the photos on website), and because I’m currently obsessed with neutrals & earthy tone, this is just perfect. Also, the bag itself is not heavy and there’s no weird smell.

The model: actually I’m not someone who will have a bag that is not firm, and with a zipper. But there’s always a first for everything 🀣 Apart from the silver colour of the zipper (I always love gold on a bag), I like the shape and the fact that the strap is not adjustable. The function is clearly for your daily shoulder bag.

Styling: I would say pairing this bag with a casual look will be best. Like a t-shirt, jeans, and summer heels β€” you will look so fashionably chic πŸ˜ But I also tried pairing it with (semi) formal look, and it kinda works.
(it’s in the video hehe πŸ˜ŒπŸ˜—)

The size: it’s not that big and spacious, but I would say it’s ok for daily wear. It could fit my essentials, so I’m not sure what your ‘essentials’ are β€” but during this time, I think it should be enough to fit hand sanitizer, mask case and tissue. Anyways this is what I could fit inside the bag:

jw pei what's in my bag

The vegan leather: it’s actually OK for a bag that doesn’t cost that much. It doesn’t really look cheap, in my honest opinion. I lowkey want to avoid the disappointment of “cheap colour”, so I avoided buying the pink/purple/green/blue/yellow ones.

JW PEI claim that their supply chain is sustainable and they participate in giving back to the animal sanctuaries (according to their website).
Vegan leather made from Polyvinyl Chloride or Polyurethane. The synthetics also don’t fully biodegrade, although they can be broken down to a degree, they can also release toxic particles and phthalates. So, although vegan leather is more preferred than animal leather, there are still some drawbacks. Also, they don’t last longer as they’re faux leather.

** I’m not really a pro at this, so this is just based on my opinion and a little bit of research. Read more: https://theminimalistvegan.com/vegan-leather/ and https://mahileather.com/blogs/news/all-you-need-to-know-about-vegan-leather

In conclusion.

I would definitely recommend this if you’re looking for an easy go-to shoulder bag, which is really happening right now. It’s so affordable compared to a designer bag, so yeah you can expect the quality β€” even I’ll have to research how to take care of faux leather haha because I do plan to use this bag for a long time. 😊

By the way, I’m not sponsored to review this, so I can guarantee that this is 100% based on my honest opinion.