Mostly known as SHEREN (yep, like Sharon but with E and E), SHERROLL is the alias whenever she’s writing.

SHERROLL was first online on twitter in 2009, but officially became a blogger in 2016.

She used to write that she’s an ENFJ (with 92% of E) for this bio, but as she grows older, she realizes that there’s no way she’s a 92% extrovert. In other words –– she’s an extroverted introvert. Most of the time, it’s the #JOMO feeling πŸ˜‰

She’s a passionate tea lover. One of her favourite TV shows is Rupaul’s Drag Race (finished all seasons – she loves drag queens!). She also drinks –responsibly, yes– gin &tonic, mostly. Can she be more basic?

Most importantly, she’s still figuring out life –– just like everybody else on this planet.

Get to know SHERROLL β€” and all the little things that matter to her.

11 replies to S H E
    1. Halo! Sori saya kurang tau nih kalo PhD program nya, soalnya ke Lund cuma buat exchange aja. Coba tanya2 sama kakak2 di PPI Swedia aja πŸ˜€ goodluck!


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