#MakanApaHariIni: Sheren’s Food Journal

/ 오늘 뭐 먹지? / What to Eat Today? /


First, let me tell you that this is not supposed to be a chef-wannabe posts, which include professional recipe and so on.

Let me get things straight—before I moved to Sweden, I couldn’t cook any proper food. I mean, I can cook instant noodle tho. But seriously, I never knew how to beat an egg, how to cook rice using the rice cooker (duh?).
So now, in Sweden, I have survived for 2 months. Some people wonder, what have I been eating? My mom worries, did I cook instant noodles everyday?
O-ho. Instant noodle is still my bestie, but now I can cook the real food. ((real))

However, whether I can or cannot cook, the question has been the same: what to eat today?
(And to be honest, that really annoys me sometimes).

So that’s when I decided to share my day-to-day food that I’ve been cooking (and eating) in Sweden. Who knows you’ll get inspired and then try to make it yourself—it will be better than mine, for sure.

ps: please don’t expect a lot like i’m one of the Hell’s Kitchen contestant lol. Again, I’m no chef, I’m just a 20y.o. girl trying not to starve, so I cook.